From Trunk to Set: Meet GigBAR Move

Posted on January 16, 2020 by Abigail Arnold

You’re already using CHAUVET DJ’s innovative pack-n-go GigBAR 2. Now we bring you a fitting companion for it: GigBAR Move. GigBAR Move won’t be replacing GigBAR 2. The addition of moving heads to GigBAR Move is just that: an addition. This set-up includes two compact 10W quad-color (RGB+UV) LED moving heads along with derbies, strobes, and laser dynamics.  A truly innovative system, it operates on its own tripod and wireless footswitch with a user-friendly LCD menu for easy programming.

The moving heads offer more creative options, plus wider coverage than ever, making GigBAR Move a mainstay piece for anyone rocking the mobile entertainment life like bands or DJs. It’s also perfect for lighting small bars or clubs. Now when you find yourself on the road, it will be with the pack-n-go ease of GigBAR Move.