GigBAR 2 is the ultimate pack-n-go 4-in-1 lighting system including UV in its wash lights and strobes for better color mixing and effects. GigBAR 2 includes two LED Derby fixtures, LED wash lights, a laser, and 4 high-power, LED strobe lights all mounted on one bar. The unit features phenomenal built-in automated and sound-activated programs including all 4 effects. You can easily control the unit from the display, IRC-6 remote control, wireless foot switch or DMX to take your gig to a higher level. Master/slave multiple units and save time running cables and extension cords by power linking multiple units. Get in and get out quickly with the included tripod, wireless footswitch and FREE carry bags.


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  • 4-in-1 light that includes a pair of LED derbies, LED pars, a laser, and strobe effect all mounted on one bar

  • Added UV in pars and strobes for increased color mixing and effects

  • Cover any room or stage with 4 individually adjustable and interchangeable heads

  • Get in and get out quickly with the included tripod, wireless footswitch and FREE carry bags

  • Ready for every application using the included mounting brackets to attach to truss

  • 4 high-power, LED strobe lights create exciting chase and slow motion effects

  • Adjustable red and green laser scatters hundreds of bright dots and beams in all the right directions.

  • Phenomenal built in automated and sound-activated programs that include all 4 effects to make one complete show

  • Easily control from the display, included IRC-6, wireless foot switch or DMX to take your gig to a higher level

  • Master/slave multiple units under the control of a single IRC or wireless foot switch

  • Save time running cables and extension cords by power linking multiple units

  • Complies with FDA performance standards for laser products except for deviations pursuant to Laser Notice No. 50, dated June 24, 2007.


  • DMX Channels: 3, 11 or 23
  • DMX Connectors: 3-pin XLR
  • Light Source: (pars): 6 LEDs (Quad-color RGB+UV) 3.5 W (1 A), 50,000 hours life expectancy
    (strobe): 4 LEDs (white & UV) 5 W (1.5 A), 50,000 hours life expectancy
    (Derby): 6 LEDs (2 red, 2 green, 2 blue) 5 W (1.6 A), 50,000 hours life expectancy
    650nm/100 mW (red) laser diode, 532nm/30 mW (green) laser diode
  • Strobe Rate: (strobe): 0 to 18 Hz
  • Beam Angle: (pars): 13°
    (strobe): 8°
  • Field Angle: (pars): 24°
    (strobe): 18
  • Coverage Angle: (laser): 93°
    (Derby): 114°
  • Fits Tripod Size: 37.4 mm
  • Illuminance: (pars): 1,205 lux @ 2 m (per head)
    (strobe): 86 lux @ 2 m (per zone)
  • Power Linking: 8 units @ 120 V; 15 units @ 230 V
  • Input Voltage: 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz (auto-ranging)
  • Power and Current: 68 W, 1 A @ 120 V, 60 Hz
    64 W, 0.5 A @ 230 V, 50 Hz
  • Weight: 25.6 lb, (11.6 kg)
  • Size: 1185 x 110 x 386.5 mm
  • Approvals: CE, FDA, FCC
  • Stand Height: 1.5 to 2.5 m
  • Tripod leg width: 1.2 m
  • Foot Switch Operating Frequency: 433 MHz
  • Foot Switch Max Unobstructed Distance: 30.5 m
  • Footswitch battery: 12 V A23

What's Included

  • GigBAR 2
  • Power cord
  • IRC-6
  • Tripod
  • Tripod Carry bag
  • Wireless footswitch
  • Warranty card
  • User Manual


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5 out of 5 stars (based on 4 reviews)


January 30, 2019

Been using my Gigbar 2 for the last year as a mobile dj, and It has yet to let me down. It is perfect for every venue I have to go to, and I have received multiple compliments on the lighting set up.


Worth every dollar

January 15, 2019

I’ve been using tge gibBar 2 for about a year or Two now and i Am thinking of buying another one. Its so versatile and looks Great at events. If you’re thinking about purchasing, do it.



December 5, 2018

Transformation. Growth. Evolution. If nothing else defines the human experience, the simple action of change is at the very least our constant companion – or some would say, constant adversary. But this isn’t a tale of adversity…one who truly is in tune with the nature of time and the universe around them realizes that the inevitability of change isn’t something to be feared, rather it is to be embraced; for change is the mother to that ever-present and elusive light on the horizon called Growth. In nature, we see it in the larva transforming into a beautiful butterfly, or a majestic bald eagle hatching from a nondescript egg. Stanley Kubrick illustrated this phenomenon as a giant stone monolith in his cinematic classic “2001: A Space Odyssey” – that moment where there’s a fork in the road, and by happenstance or divinity (or some measure of both) we are pushed in the only direction that was ever truly an option…. …Forward. This concept not only exists in nature, but in really anywhere you might look – and humanity, like nature, has embraced it in it’s own creations. Think of film – The Empire Strikes Back vs A New Hope, The Dark Knight vs Batman Begins, House Party 2 vs House Party, The Godfather II vs The Godfather. The evolution of an idea, the sequel, is as ubiquitous of a concept as film itself in this content-driven day and age that we currently occupy, and really who should be surprised? Who among us would argue with evolution? With progress? Dear reader, rest assured that the minds at Chauvet are not those who would do any such thing. Rather than rest on their laurels, they’ve given the push at that proverbial fork in the road. And let me assure you….they have pushed in the way that the invention of the wheel or the harnessing of fire or electricity once pushed our ancestors. By themselves evolving, they’ve pushed us to evolve along with them. That evolution comes in the form of the Gigbar 2. Admittedly, my years of pro-level touring have made me skeptical of many consumer-grade lighting setups in the past…the build quality, look, and overall performance of so many of these pieces of gear have always seemed to leave me wanting. And really, how could a small handful of par cans on a stand barely taller than a door frame compete with the fully immersive visual experience of being in a large concert venue with a full blown lighting array, controlled by a seasoned pro? But like Kubrick’s monolith, once the Gigbar 2 towered before me, my very existence was irrevocably changed. And luckily, it brought my band and our clients along for the ride. From the last performance before owning the Gigbar 2 to the first one with it, the difference was immediately palpable. After the stage was set, the ambiance in the room – once peaceful, carefree, but ultimately defined by the kind of polite indifference that leaves an objective bystander checking their phone and wondering what might be new on Netflix – was transformed into a panache-filled anticipation of what wonders the night may hold. Inhibitions were immediately loosened and all present were filled with the kind of wonderment that one could imagine was instilled in early species of humanity as they gazed at the distant horizon, or the night sky. …and this was all before the music even began. After we started playing, much like the butterfly emerging from it’s cocoon, the audience’s transformation was complete. In our band, we were used to polite crowds – everyone attentive and enjoying themselves, but maybe only one or two people present really cutting loose and giving into the music and experience of the night. On this particular excursion, we were received with a reaction somewhere between the unbridled joy of the citizenry of a newly liberated nation and the complete excess of a Roman orgy. People were on stage with us, singing along to every word, dancing on tables – even the elderly present were forced by that primal joy in all of us to rise to their feet and join in the party. The audience weren’t the only ones positively affected by the Gigbar 2 – as a band, we never sounded tighter. The air seemed sweeter and food tasted better after we raised that monolith of lighting evolution. The night was punctuated by an audience member tripping over our mixer and knocking it and herself right off the stage as a result – but the Gigbar 2 remained high above it all, like a beacon from a lighthouse, guiding all of us present to the shore of our innermost desires and happiness. This night forever changed me, and everyone else in my band. Once the Pandora’s Box of the Gigbar 2 had been opened, none of us wanted to so much as appear in public without one behind us again. Benjamin Franklin once said “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning” – dear reader, rest assured that the Gigbar 2 is the very embodiment of growth and progress, and now that it’s here, there is no turning back. Let’s all evolve together…with the Gigbar 2 lighting the path forward.


Amazing product...fantastic light show

November 29, 2018

gigbar 2 Is A great bit of kit, Everything you need to get started in one neat light package, the effects are amazing! IR remote, wifi foot switch, laser light, strobes & UV, 2 pars and 2 derby’s and carrying cases, what more could you ask for a mobile DJ light show. 5/5

joseph o'beirns

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