Ins & Outs of Gallery Lighting With Pinspot Bar

Posted on January 24, 2020 by Abigail Arnold

Pinspot Bar is the next mainstay of CHAUVET DJ adaptable pinspot fixtures because the unit’s ability to conform to the needs of a given space like pop-up stores and galleries, making it the perfect fixture for art dealers, antique curators, and gallery owners.

The Angle of Art

Galleries have additional challenges, namely the preservation of artwork. Heat and light are the two main culprits for damage. For that reason, mount your Pinspot Bar so that the light casts onto the center at a 30-degree angle. Not only does it help with the pop of color, but the angle will also extend the life of the piece.

Texture & Shadows

Oil and acrylic paintings, sculptures, even woodworks often have cracking, fissuring, or chipping. In the gallery, these textures can cause unsightly shadows that diminish the value of the piece. Keep this in mind when using your Pinspot Bar and remember that each pod features individual control for physical positioning and pixel-mapping.

Temperature & Masterpieces

It’s the gallery’s job to showcase the visual impact of a piece. The absolute last thing any gallery wants is lighting that could potentially skew or wash out the color palette of the art. Depending on the ambient light, the perfect temperature of light for your gallery could exist anywhere from 4000k to 2000k with the sweet spot somewhere in the range of 2700k. Since your Pinspot Bar operates within this range, it’s the right fixture to create the dramatic atmosphere you want in your gallery.