Meet our DJ of the Month: Jay Hague “DJ Elite”!

Posted on December 3, 2015 by webmaster
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Meet “DJ Elite”, Jay Hague of Elite Event Services in Phoenix Arizona!

CHAUVET DJ: When did Elite Event Services start?

DJ Elite: Elite Event Services was established in 2001 in California and we relocated to Phoenix in 2007.

CDJ: How did you get started DJing?

DJEliteHiltonresizeDJE: In the late 90s I was hanging around with friends in the nightclub scene. I became fascinated with the energy DJs and lighting brought to the dance floor. I have always had a love for music and electronics so it seemed to me like DJing may fit me well. Once I bought my first set of turntables I was hooked.

CDJ: What are your thoughts about lighting?

DJE: Lighting is something I think every mobile DJ should focus more on. With lighting becoming more affordable and LED lighting lasting many years I think any mobile DJ can afford to have at least a couple of cool lights to add to their performance. It really adds a wow factor to the dance floor which clients notice and really love.

Jessica Q Photography

Jessica Q Photography

CDJ: What kind of CHAUVET DJ gear do you use?

DJE: Currently we have the following Chauvet lights (and we ONLY own Chauvet lighting, no other brand!). (4) Intimidator 250 Spot LED, (4) Intimidator Spot 255 IRC, (2) Intimidator Spot Led 350, (20) SlimPAR LED, (2) Radius 2.0 LED, (2) 4PLAY LED, (2) Intimidator IMG_1588Spot Duo 150, (2) EZ Laser RB and we also have (3) Hurricane 700 and (1) Hurricane 901 foggers. What we plan to add in the near future: (2) gear bags for the 4 new 255 spots we just bought, (2) Geyser RGB (2), Intimidator Spot 355Z and 16-20 Freedom Par Hex 4….hopefully have our new Freedom Pars before Super Bowl 50 in 2016. We are the official DJ, sound and lighting provider for the NFL Shop @ Super Bowl 2015 AZ, 2016 CA and 2017 TX.

CDJ: What advice would you give other DJs?

DJE: Don’t be afraid to spend money on quality equipment. The old saying goes, spend money to make money. My clients always recognize the fact that we have some of the nicest equipment around. Quality shows and providing your client with quality equipment and services will surely bring them back time and time again and they will likely refer you to their friends, family and colleagues.


Learn more about Elite Event Services at https://www.facebook.com/EliteEventServ