Practice Safe Laser Beams this Halloween

Posted on October 3, 2013 by webmaster

Gearing up for Halloween? As you dust off your collection of skulls, fake bloody body parts and all things creepy, remember to also dust off the manual for your lasers. Lasers add an awesome effect at any occasion, but add a certain level of festivity to Halloween-themed events. Lasers are distinct because of their unique, concentrated beam that stays the same width — even when it travels long distances. However, the features that make lasers so appealing can also pose a hazard. When using lasers, whether it’s for a haunted house or Halloween party, be careful how you place them. Before you get started, review your laser’s manual and follow the tips below — happy haunting!

Don’t Point the Laser at People
Position the lasers so they won’t shine directly on your guests or in their face. A good rule of thumb is to set them up so the laser light is at least 3 meters from the floor. If used improperly, they can cause severe damage if they hit the eye. To avoid any accidents, no matter how unlikely they may seem, focus your laser at inanimate, scary props.

Reflected Laser Light is Just as Powerful
Even if you are careful enough to position lasers correctly, follow the beam and ensure it is not pointed at a mirror, shiny metal or other reflective surface. Due to its nature, the reflected laser beam is almost as powerful and can still cause damage to the eye.