Intimidator Road Case S35X

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3.5 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)

The Intimidator Road Case S35X is a lightweight road case designed to hold 2 Intimidator moving head fixtures. The case’s tall lid allows the included hanging brackets to remain on the fixtures during transportation, saving time on installation and take-down. The case has an additional central storage compartment perfect for storing cables, clamps, brackets or other accessories. Multiple cases can be stacked saving floor space and dual handles on each side make maneuvering easy. Locking casters prevent accidental rolling and the elastically hinged lid ensures the strap never gets caught when closing the lid.

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  • Lightweight road case designed to hold 2 Intimidator moving heads

  • Tall lid allows hanging bracket and clamp to remain installed during transportation

  • Elastically-hinged lid ensures the strap will never get caught when closing the lid

  • Additional central compartment stores cables, clamps, or brackets

  • Dual handles on each side make maneuvering much easier

  • Save floor space with the built-in stacking cups for stacking multiple cases

  • Locking casters prevent an accidental rollaway


  • Weight: 77 lb (35 kg)
  • Size: 31 x 18.9 x 33 in (790 x 480 x 840 mm)
  • Compatible Fixtures: Intimidator Spot LED 350, Intimidator Spot 355 IRC, Intimidator Spot 355Z IRC, Intimidator Spot 375Z IRC, Intimidator Beam LED 350, Intimidator Beam 140SR and Intimidator Hybrid 140SR

What's Included

  • Intimidator Road Case S35X


Read Our Review

3.5 out of 5 stars (based on 2 reviews)

Wheels are not great

December 20, 2019

The wheels on mine have become misshapen from the wheel locks squeezing them. one lock also broke. I like the rest of the case though. the tall lid and extra storage compartment are nice, as long as the case remains upright.

Merril Myers

case works, but i would buy something else

January 26, 2019

the case fits the lights nicely, and the little storage compartment in the back is helpful. for $400 though, i would expect this case to have wheels on the bottom that are actually useful. they are way too small for the case, so i find that i’m consistently getting caught while pushing through doorways. to pay this much, and then have to go out and buy new wheels for it, is a bit ridiculous.


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