Putting MotionDrape LED under the Microscope

Posted on September 13, 2012 by webmaster

Pete Hedges lives in the UK and is the owner and operator of Instant Replay II mobile disco. He has more than 30 years of experience and specializes in a variety of events. To form the main part of his show, Hedges incorporated MotionDrape LED into his setup. He doesn’t use DMX and relies on the auto, sound, program and speed to control the product and give a great display with ease. Read on for Hedges review of MotionDrape LED.

1. Why did you select a CHAUVET® DJ fixture?
The reason for buying any CHAUVET® fixture can be answered in a few words: reliability, affordability and usability.

2. Why did you decide to add MotionDrape LED to your setup?
I read various reviews, but the main factor was seeing the product brilliantly demonstrated by DJ Kit in Newbury.

3. What specific features were you looking for?
Years ago, this type of display/backdrop was only possible if you transported numerous vision panels, controllers, etc.  I wanted something that created an eye-catching show while being compact, lightweight and easy to transport. I wanted a reliable and easy-to-use product that would run in “auto” mode and enable me to concentrate on the musical content of the performance not the lighting, while giving me a light show to be proud of. MotionDrape LED does all of this and more.

4. What do you like best about MotionDrape LED?
When I saw the MotionDrape LED demonstration, I got the “wow” factor and found the ease of setup and price point to be impressive. It adds a professional image to the show and gives Instant Replay II a competitive edge when attracting new business or visiting new venues.

5. Do you feel it’s easy to operate?
Yes, very much so. MotionDrape LED is the easiest product to use — simply hang it, plug it in and switch it on. I don’t use DMX and the product still produces a great show without any intervention from me.

6. Would you recommend this fixture, why or why not?
I would definitely recommend MotionDrape LED to anyone. I feel that I purchased a brilliant, reliable and easy-to-use product that produces a great eye-catching effect and adds a professional touch to my show.