Restaurant Lighting with Pinspot Bar—The Basics

Posted on March 27, 2020 by Abigail Arnold

In restaurants where food is the main subject of your lighting, how you light the space directly translates into either happy guests or shuttered doors. Not to worry. Pinspot Bar will see to it your lighting engages your patrons’ senses as well as their appetite.

Direct Lighting Techniques

A popular method of direct lighting is to highlight a signature dish or emphasize a VIP section for your guests. Pinspot Bar is an excellent choice to achieve elevated looks with six individually adjustable 4000k Natural White LED pinspots on a single bar for a versatile level of flexibility. The level of control offered by Pinspot Bar allows users more control over the level of contrast between light and shadow. When lighting food, shadows spell disaster. Studies over the years, most recently this one from Cornell University, suggest that shadows make food extremely unappetizing so much so that a large percentage of guests send it back to the kitchen. That’s where indirect lighting comes in.

Indirect Lighting Techniques

Indirect lighting (at least as far as restaurants are concerned) is normally used to bathe an entire space in a warm, soft glow. The same study from Cornell suggested that there is an emotional correlation between this type of lighting technique and how much guests enjoy the dining experience. Basically, softer light makes guests feel more relaxed, their meals look more tempting, and causes them to spend longer amounts of time in the dining space. Restaurant-goers are not only hoping for a taste bud party, but an aesthetic experience.

Dining with Pinspot Bar

The beauty of Pinspot Bar is that it achieves the style of lighting appropriate for your restaurant effortlessly. Each LED pinspot is individually controllable and pixel-mappable for complete flexibility. Further your range of looks with the included 2700k color filter and gels for versatile 5º, 10º, or 20º beam angles. Whatever combination of lighting you choose, Pinspot Bar is here to make sure that no one leaves hungry.