The Simplicity of Freedom Par

Posted on April 9, 2012 by webmaster

-Written by Hank Rotzal, owner of HHR DJ Services, LLC

“I own and operate a mobile DJ company in Oxford, Conn. that specializes in birthday parties, family reunions, Sweet 16 celebrations and classic car shows. I was in search of a wireless fixture to add to our setup so I invested in eight Freedom Par wash lights.

I chose Freedom Par wash lights because of their wireless power and control capabilities. I am able to set them up and operate them whether there is a limited power supply or none at all. Now with built in D-Fi 2.4 GHz, I am able to change colors without having to run DMX cables and clutter the venue. The only thing I would change is the weight and bulk of the battery.

I use my Freedom Par fixtures to provide uplighting, illuminate our facade and light the back wall. I love the ease of setting them up — especially when we need to illuminate our façade because we’re usually in a small area and don’t have space to run extra wires for power and control.

Overall, we love the simple setup and operation of these fixtures.”