Top 12 DJ Essentials

Posted on May 31, 2012 by webmaster

-written by Rob of The DJ Circle

A lot of preparation goes into DJing major events such as weddings, school dances, corporate parties, you name it. Most professional DJs are only paid for the 2 – 5 hours of actual DJing. However, people don’t realize how many hours are spent behind-the-scenes. We have to pack the gear, drive to the event, unpack the gear, set up, DJ, breakdown, pack the gear back up, clean up, more driving, eat an unhealthy meal on the road and then sleep. In other words, a 2 – 4 hour gig is really a 6 – 8 hour day. To keep up with the grind and maximize performance and focus, I always have my essential items that accompany me to every gig. Check it out:

1. Water
This is crucial for me. When you are DJing nonstop for 4 – 6 hours, you’re going to get thirsty and it’s important to stay hydrated. DJing for 4 – 6 hours, setting up and packing for 1 – 2 hours, plus 4- 6 hours of driving, all within 24 hours, takes its toll.

2. Headphones

Pretty obvious, right? I use Shure America’s SRH750 DJ headphones and always carry them around with me.

3. Cell Phone

It is surprising how often DJs lose their cell phones. Remember to keep it in a safe place because it can easily get lost in the shuffle. If you have a smart phone, download the app that gives you a wireless internet connection anywhere you go as long as your phone has reception.

4. Wallet

Same as above. The last thing you want to lose is your cell phone and/or wallet, especially when you are DJing hours away from home.

5. Old Spice Body Spray

Seriously. Like I said, DJs put in long hours and it’s not as easy as standing at a laptop and pressing buttons. Driving, setting up and DJing for multiple hours will definitely make you sweat and stink.  Nobody likes a sweaty and stinky DJ, right?  I use the Swagger scent and highly recommend it.

6. Breath Mints

Invest in ICE BREAKERS. It’s the same as body spray, but it’s for your mouth. The DJ’s on-the-road diet isn’t glamorous. You don’t want chicken nugget or bacon cheeseburger breath as you arrive to the party.

7. 5-hour ENERGY®

This is very necessary.  DJs expend a lot of energy and sometimes need more to keep up. I prefer 5-hour ENERGY® over ROCKSTAR or Red Bull Energy Drink. With zero sugar and only four calories, it’s quick and helps me watch my figure.

8. Tool Kit

Always have a handy tool kit with you. It has become my best friend on the road and is very helpful in the most random situations that DJs find themselves in.

9. Beef Jerky

Trader Joe’s Beef Jerky – Teriyaki is the best and it’s my go-to snack for long days. It is high in protein, tastes good and makes me look manly. There’s always a win when you have beef jerky.

10. Flashlight

Another random, but very handy and helpful tool to have at your disposal, is a flashlight. Most of the time it’s pretty dark when you’re DJing and the last thing you want to be doing is looking around for something half blind.

11. Car keys


12. Hair Gel

Seriously. Not all DJs were born with DJ Pauly D’s amazing hair.

What are the key essentials and necessities you always carry with you or must have when your DJing an event or gig?  I’m curious to know and would love to always add key and valuable items to my arsenal of DJ essentials.