3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Mobile Setup

Posted on December 5, 2011 by webmaster

As an entertainer image is everything. How you present yourself at your gigs makes the difference between, “He’s the DJ who gave an awesome show!” and “Oh, did you have a DJ at that party?” One way to make you noticed is to upgrade your portable DJ setup. Skip the traditional wooden front boards and stop wasting time and money trying to make your own setup. The conventional panel façades are heavy, take up a lot of space and need additional lights to be complete. What about using something that is an all-in-one piece like an LED façade? Or go a step further and thrill your audience by adding a backdrop to match the façade? Read below to see how simple improvements will take you to the top:

1. Easy setup. Aside from the financial aspect, a simple and efficient LED façade will make your life easier and save time when preparing for a gig. The LED façades usually have Velcro, which makes them easy to wrap and keep in place, and the backdrops take only minutes to mount on a simple truss. Plus, these fold neatly and are light enough to fit into small bags. This means you can have a professional “big impact” look with easy setup and transportation!

2. Look more professional. One thing you don’t want people to remember you for is your amateurism. Even though you might be DJ-ing part time and see your gigs more like a hobby, there is no reason why you shouldn’t try to look like a pro. A nice LED façade and a cool drape to frame your setup will send the right message—which is that you absolutely know what you’re doing.

3. Get more gigs. A catchy setup will make people talk and your name will circulate. So, you will definitely have a return on your investment, financially and professionally. More gigs mean more money and more popularity. This is a good step for building up your clientele and becoming known in your area.

Quick suggestion!
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