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Shop Time with DJ Jer: CHAUVET DJ Wash FX

Posted on July 1, 2015 by webmaster

DJ Jer spent some quality time in the shop with one of his latest lighting loves, the CHAUVET DJ Wash FX. In this edition of Shop Time, Jere walks us through the some of the control options and ways to use this powerful wash fixture.

CHAUVET DJ Lights Up Another Great Gig with DJ Ryan!

Posted on June 22, 2015 by webmaster

In this gig log, DJ Ryan of Tah-Dah Productions rocks another great event with his CHAUVET DJ gear, this time at the beautiful Heritage House Resort in Little River, California. Check out the video and let’s party with DJ Ryan!

CHAUVET DJ Hot Blog Posts of the Week

Posted on June 5, 2015 by webmaster

Here’s what’s hot this week on the CHAUVET DJ Blog! 1. DJ Ryan Makes a Wedding Shine with the CHAUVET DJ “Tower of Power” Readers got a kick out of the way DJ Ryan of Tah-Dah Productions combined multiple CHAUVET DJ fixtures to create his own “Tower of Power” at a recent wedding! 2. CHAUVET DJ […]

DJ Ryan Makes a Wedding Shine with the CHAUVET DJ “Tower of Power”

Posted on June 3, 2015 by webmaster

DJ Ryan of Tah-Dah Productions is at it again, creating a great wedding event with his arsenal of CHAUVET DJ gear. This time he travels to the California coast for a smaller event but puts no less effort into making a magical evening. His lighting centerpiece was what he calls the “Tower of Power” – […]

DJ Tutor Gives these Totems a “Glo-ing” Review!

Posted on May 21, 2015 by webmaster

In these videos DJ Tutor Johnathan Lewis gets creative with the Glo Totem from TRUSST. In this first video, he introduces us to some of the features of the collapsible totems. In this video, DJ Tutor turns his imagination loose on the TRUSST Glo Totem and shows us some of the creative possibilities for creating […]

A Rustic Wedding with Tah-Dah Productions and CHAUVET DJ

Posted on May 21, 2015 by webmaster

DJ Ryan of Tah-Dah Productions in California takes us to The Rustic Rose in Red Bluff, California for a wedding including ceremony consultation, reception services, small uplighting package and more. DJ Ryan had a great time conducting the day for this wonderful couple and in this gig log you will get to see some of […]

DJ Brent is Crazy for Motion Orbs!

Posted on May 20, 2015 by webmaster

DJ Brent of Cleveland Music Group in Cleveland, Ohio gives us a good long look at the Motion Orbs from CHAUVET DJ. Check out this video as Brent walks us through the features of these decor fixtures and some of the ways he’s used them on gigs!