Chauvet-sponsored Concert Benefits At-risk Youth

Posted on July 1, 2013 by webmaster

CHAUVET® DJ and TRUSST® joined forces to illuminate a fund-raising concert geared toward at-risk youth and orchestrated by Sharing Hope Empowerment and Reaction, S.H.E.A.R. Inc., a non-profit organization founded by Chauvet Quality Control Technician Anthony Durden. Durden and CHAUVET® DJ Product Coordinator Raglan Jones, outfitted the stage with 26 CHAUVET® DJ fixtures and a 24-piece TRUSST® setup.

For a prominent focal point on stage, Jones created  a TRUSST®-built cross crafted from one 8.2-foot and three 3.28-foot sticks of truss, one 6-way corner block and one 30-inch base plate and warmed the structure with four SlimPAR Quad 6 IRC wash lights. To add dimension, he incorporated six Intimidator Spot LED 350 moving heads mounted atop two 3.28-foot, two 4.92-foot and two 6.56-foot sticks of TRUSST® warmed with six SlimPAR Quad 6 IRC wash lights into the design. Additionally, two 4BAR Tri wash lights provided performers with front lighting, while two Geyser RGB fixtures, two Impulse 648 strobe lights and a Nimbus dry-ice machine added impressive, eye-catching effects. Two Hurricane Haze 2D haze machines placed at the rear of the stage enhanced beams and tied the light show together. CHAUVET® DJ Product Manager Nick Airriess used the ShowXpress programming software to quickly and easily create a variety of looks.

“The TRUSST® trussing system gave me the freedom to create a simple design that held a prominent stage presence and coincided with the theme of the event,” Jones said. “With such limited stage space, a clear focal point and accent totems illuminated with CHAUVET® DJ gear proved to be the most effective setup and really enhanced the live performances.” DSC_2210 crop

The event, featuring live performances as well as seminars on overcoming peer pressure, bullying, drug abuse and homelessness, was a first for S.H.E.A.R., Inc. Nearly 300 people attended. The event raised money for at-risk youth to attend summer programs held at the Miami Rescue Mission.

“This event planted a tremendous seed into the minds of our parents, young adults and youth who are living in South Florida,” Durden said. “I am honored to serve our community in such a powerful way and I am grateful and thankful to CHAUVET® DJ and  TRUSST® who teamed up to help.”