Crazy Dave’s Music Experience at the Welcome to Rockville Festival

Posted on May 20, 2013 by webmaster

Crazy Dave’s Music Experience was a huge success at this year’s Welcome to Rockville Festival. The sold-out festival, which took place in Jacksonville, featured performances by artists including Buckcherry, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Limp Bizkit and Alice In Chains. During the event, Crazy Dave’s Music created an interactive exhibit featuring all the elements needed to create music in a professional band setting. The exhibit included 12 CHAUVET® DJ fixtures, 20 CHAUVET® Professional lights and one TRUSST® Goal Post Kit, as well as guitars, bass, amps, drums, keyboards, electronic gear and lighting used by today’s most popular bands.

Within the 30-by-30 foot tent, people took turns playing guitars, drums and keyboards, singing into different microphones and trying their hand at the latest DJ equipment. They also got the chance to meet some of their favorite rock stars and take part in the “30 Seconds to Shred” guitar contest. Scroll on for some photos from the festival.

CHAUVET® DJ Gear List:
2 x Geyser RGB 
2 x Intimidator Beam LED 350
1 x Scorpion GBC 2.0
2 x Intimidator Scan LED 300
1 x PixPar 24
1 x SlimPAR Quad 12 IRC
1 x COLORrail IRC
2 x Intimidator Spot LED 350

Xavier Muriel of Buckcherry

Xavier Muriel of Buckcherry