DJ Confessions: How I Got My Name and How You Can Find Yours

Posted on October 19, 2011 by webmaster

We asked our Facebook fans how they got their DJ names, and we were very happy to see they shared a lot of their naming experience with us. A list in a random order was compiled for you to enjoy; just check it out below. Furthermore, with our fans’ help, we were able to come up with a few guidelines for the rookie DJs out there looking for a catchy name to help them stand out in the fun but competitive DJ world.

1. Endless names/numbers combinations. You can try this with your name, or other people’s names – usually famous ones. Read below, work your imagination a little, and victory shall be yours!
• First name/last name combinations: John Smith would be DJ Joth – you get the idea!
• Name/numbers combination: your name, or your favorite singer’s name next to numbers from your birth date, anniversary, etc. See how D9 (number 12 on our list) thought of his name.
• Have fun with letters: anagrams, names spelled backwards (see number 18), initials, acronyms – anything goes, as long as it sounds catchy and people can remember it easily.
• Childhood nicknames: check out number 15 for an example on this.
• Observe and discover: your DJ name is out there. State names, band names, singers, TV shows, series, etc. Just turn on the TV or look around you while driving and the inspiration will just come.

2. Physical or personal traits. It shouldn’t be too hard to discover physical traits, just look in the mirror! That’s what DJ Q-Tip did (number three on our list). If you want to go for personal characteristics, do a little self-analyzing. Or if you’re incapable of that, ask others to tell you the first thing they see in you. Preferably a positive one, or a funny one; but don’t pick one that makes you look bad or stupid, no one wants to hire a silly DJ.

3. Significant inspiring moment. We have all been through a defining event—whether it was hilarious or very embarrassing. Remember one such moment—and how you were involved in it—what are the first words that come to your mind? After you do this, play with the words and create something that will remain in the DJ naming history for posterity.

If you are lacking inspiration or imagination, follow the suggestion from number 19 on our list who kept his real name, or go out, and ask men and women at the bar. Most likely they will come up with something! That’s what DJ KAHUNA did (number 8 on our list) and apparently it worked out just fine for him. Good luck finding your DJ self.

How I Picked My DJ Name:

1. Adam TwoLiter Wolfe. Didn’t care for my old name and had carried a two-liter bottle of soda around school on several occasions and it started out as a temporary name to use while looking for a better name, but ended up sticking.
2. Mike DJ Borracho Martines. “Borracho” (“drunk”) because I used to drink a lot.
3. Ted Rodifer aka DJ Q-Tip. I’m albino and have very white hair so it was easy.
4. Mike Swass aka DJ No-Mic. Mike is my name, known for my once great fear of the microphone.
5. Debbie Burns aka DJ ENVY. My fave was one a local DJ here bestowed on my kid’ s friend. His name is Nevada, my friend called him NV since that’ s our state abbreviation and I thought of a great DJ name, DJ ENVY!
6. Darius Hall aka DJ Nexus. I chose the name DJ Nexus because a lot of the times when I’m doing shows and gigs I’m told by many different people that I have a great connection with the crowd. So I looked up other meanings of the word “connection” and ran across “nexus.” And that’s how I formulated my DJ name.
7. David Parker aka DJ KAHUNA. Years ago, when I DJ-ed, I went by DJ KAHUNA. It was a nickname given to me by some very sexy ladies at the bar I worked at/for. Once I’m able to get my life-long dream to come to fruition and start my own mobile DJ business, I’m bringing KAHUNA back!!!
8. Escandalo DJ Cesar. My cousin started back in Mexico Sonido Escandalo, so I just took their name.
9. Louie Ochoa aka DJ Groovie Louie. My name is Louie and ever since I could walk I loved to dance. When my friends would come see me at clubs or parties, I would always step from behind the booth to get my groove on. One day my buddy decided to call me Groovie Louie and it stuck; 22 years later and I’m still killing it on the dance floor.
10. Alonzo Bigdaddy Clark aka DJ Nightchild – since I always worked at night, hence the name: a child of the night.
11. Don Swindler aka DJ “Digital” Don. I was using DJ Don and I was the first one in my hometown to do music with a laptop. One of the other DJs in town was in the club as I was setting up and I showed him what I was doing and he said, “Wow, Digital Don!”
12. Dan Wilson aka D9. My name starts with D and is nine letters long.
13. Leslie Ball aka DJ Bobby. I’m from Northern Ireland and some I people I worked with used to call me Paddy, which I disliked intensely, so I asked them not to call me that name. With my surname being Ball, they started calling me Bobby after one half of a comedy duo from the 1980s in UK called “Cannon & Ball” (Tommy Cannon & Bobby Ball). So the name stuck as DJ Bobby!
14. Kevin Spicer. My visionary mother chose mine on the day of my birth. But I will choose another one at some point.
15. David Cipriano aka DJ Bozo Entertainment. My DJ name was DJ Ding Dung, they used to call me that in high school because I was a loser. Now my DJ name is Bozo Entertainment, which fits me.
16. Mike S. Perez III aka DJ MP3, because my name is simply Mike Perez III.
17. Matt Pruett aka DjPRU. I got it because my last name is Pruett and everyone calls me Pru so DjPRU was easy.
18. Alys Thomas aka DJ Syla. My name backwards – simple!
19. Curtis Rock ‎Deejay. Curtis Rock is my real name.
20. Jose Rivas aka DJ Joser. Growing up my name was written Jose R., so everybody always called me Joser, hence DJ Joser.

Bonus inspiration!
CHAUVET® product manager Ford Sellers: “My two main DJ aliases [DJ Fordy-Bucks and DJ Fordy-Ounce] have led to my massive success in the DJ world.”