Power Couple: GigBAR Move & GigBAR 2

Posted on February 28, 2020 by Abigail Arnold

A great way to grow your entertainment business is with a lighting system that does everything you want and more. That’s GigBAR 2, a favorite of mobile entertainers since it hit the market, offering users the ultimate choice in pack-n-go versatility. GigBAR 2 was then and continues to be a key player in bands, bars, clubs, and weddings for the dynamic looks and creative freedom it offers.

Years of rave reviews, stunning events, and elevated creativity led CHAUVET DJ to ask how we could take the power of GigBAR 2 to the next level without taking away from all that GigBAR 2 has to offer. After all, we love GigBAR 2 as much as our users do. Enter GigBAR Move. GigBAR Move was created not to replace, but to complement GigBAR 2 to make the two a true power couple. These units are meant to enhance each other, work together, and offer an elevated range of creativity with the addition of moving heads on the GigBAR Move.

GigBAR 2 pairs power and convenience in a pack-n-go system with two RGB LED derbys, two wash lights with UV capability, a laser, and four high-power LED strobes mounted on one bar. Pair it with GigBAR Move to level-up in dynamic effects and control options. GigBAR Move joins the versatility of GigBAR 2 with two 10 W moving heads for sharp gobo projection, expansive coverage, and striking beams, along with master/slave compatibility with GigBAR 2 for massive coverage and dynamic shows. Activate totem mode to keep the moving head action focused on the dance floor.

GigBAR Move offers 3, 17, or 35 channels of DMX, while GigBAR 2 offers 3, 11, or 23 channels of DMX. Both units come with a tripod, footswitch, and carry bags for quick, easy setup. Go ahead and chase the challenging gigs—GigBAR 2 and GigBAR Move partner as well with each other as they do with you.