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3.5 out of 5 stars (based on 10 reviews)

ShowXpress is a software program that turns almost any computer into a lighting console. The program, which is free and is updated regularly, can be downloaded to a computer supported by Windows® XP, Vista and Windows 7 as well as Mac OSX. ShowXpress allows the user to create, store and play back scenes with any DMX lighting fixture. The software communicates with the lights via a required DMX 512 interface available from CHAUVET with options ranging from beginner to expert. For the latest updates and releases, visit our ShowXpress Download’s page.




  • Control Board

    • Works on Windows® and Mac OS X
    • Main window where all other screens are accessed
    • Controls up to 6 universes (3,072 DMX channels)
  • Setup

    • Create new fixture profiles or select from internal library
    • Automatically assign DMX addresses to list of fixtures
    • Define channel configurations and values
  • Editor

    • Combines BUILDER, 2D VIEW and GENERATOR into a single window
    • Easily program steps, scenes and shows
    • On-screen color and gobo selections
    • Unlimited scenes (when using a computer)
    • Pan & tilt locks for spot light effect using a mouse
    • Manually enter DMX values per channel (no more fader-sliding)
    • Change background image to mirror actual application
    • Move and select fixture(s) for grouping-on-the-fly (drag-and-drop technology)
    • Generate movement or color macros with variable delay effects
    • Select any color using the RGB color palette
  • Live

    • Simultaneous playback of multiple lighting scenes (layering)
    • Completely user-configurable
    • Up to 4 separate windows with unlimited pages per window
    • Trigger scenes by mouse click, keyboard, date and time, automatic, sound and manual BPM
    • Playback timelines with lighting, audio and video with a single click
  • Timeline

    • Synchronized multimedia creator with lighting, audio and video
    • Plays multimedia file types: WAV, MP3, OGG, BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, AVI, MPG, MPEG, MOV, WMV
    • True drag-and-drop technology for all multimedia files
  • Stand Alone

    • Select individual scenes to upload to interfaces
    • Stand-alone scenes automatically start when computer is removed or powered off
    • Simultaneous playback of multiple lighting scenes (layering) (with Xpress Plus™ and Xpress™-512 Plus interfaces only)
  • Import/Export

    • Import and export shows from others
    • Email backup files to friends or co-workers
    • Backup and restore an unlimited number of shows
  • 3D View

    • See and control a complete show in real-time from any point of view
    • Create new 3D objects or select from internal library
    • Change object’s position, orientation, scale and color
    • Import custom images to use as the ceiling, floor or walls


What's Included

  • ShowXpress


Read Our Review

3.5 out of 5 stars (based on 10 reviews)

good software, needs better tutorials

November 17, 2019

this software is actually incredibly versatile, stable and easy to use. to setup is a bit of a different story. the tutorials show the BASICS but if you play with it for a few hours you will get the idea, and you can mess with it all you want because you can export a backup before you start messing and just revert if you break something in your setup. all in all WAY easier than the industry average, but i would still like to see more in depth tutorials and manuals made for it.

ben berry

Great tutorials -- Now for implementation with a daw

July 11, 2019

The app seems very intuitive and easy to use – perfect for the application I’m looking to use it for. Now, I’m wondering how to get the midi input to actually track from a DAW, Logic Pro X. ANY INSIGHT ON ROUTING THE MIDI FROM THE DAW TO SHOWXPRESS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED! ONE NOTE OF FEEDBACK: some of the fixtures aren’t showing up in the 3d view when you insert. Wondering if this is a bug that will be worked out soon, as I’d love to start designing with these fixtures in mind. (particularly the FXpar3 (9CH)



April 29, 2019

For years I’ve asked for Pages to be Midi asignable, and they stIll haven’t! Why? It can’t be that hard! It IS the one flaw in the software. Please listen to us, I’ve spoken with many people who are in front house work who And we All thought the same thing.


What's new on SHOW EPRESS 9 vs showepress 8

April 21, 2019

sorry, this is not a review, it is just a comment. i have been using show express 8 since ver 7 and it is pretty stable. i wonder know what are the new features and improvements before i switch from 8 to 9, also if both versions can work in the same pc, and if the ver9 drivers works with show express 8

Germinal Puigbertrand

Don't upgrade to version 9

March 21, 2019

I love ShowXpress, and have been using it for some time. It’s simply made my lighting control so much easier than previous programs! I made the mistake of upgrading to version 9 unwittingly when I got a new laptop though. Turns out it needed new drivers —which didn’t come with the program— Seriosuly Chauvet? What kind of oversight is this? Then I opened the program today to work on my lights and even though I ***Have*** the drivers it doesn’t recognize the device anymore? The website no longer has version 9 drivers? ” Sorry but there’s nothing here. You clicked a link to and it doesn’t exist.” Don’t provide upgrades as a finished product if they’re still in beta testing, this completely disables my lighting, and requiresthat I now downgrade to version 8 again, which actually wasn’t as functional, and didn’t have as high of a pleasing appearance. Version 9 was much better, but is completely usesless without stable drivers. If this were still for Version 8, it’s 4 stars. Can do with some improvements. But version 9? 1 star is really too high of a rating for it.

Jason Whitlock

Response from CHAUVET DJ

Hi, Jason. Thank you for the feedback. If you are using software V9, you need to use the new V9 drivers. The drivers are not included with the software because CHAUVET DJ must constantly update them. Instead, please download the drivers from our website. We just launched a new interface last week! The site was under construction for a small period of time. It’s possible your download occurred while the site was being updated — Please try the link again as it is working now. Nothing is in Beta testing. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact [email protected] for any assistance!

It's ok

February 18, 2019

I’ve had this device for several years now, it’s held up nicely in regards to durability between gigs and storage, however, there have been issues with the software being “buggy” and having to be restarted several times, even on multiple computers.



February 3, 2019

A really easy software to use.

J'marl Froix

Great Solution

January 26, 2019

We use this solution with 3 unv. in a Small 400 seat theater WITH MANY MOVING HEADS AND EFFECTS easy to setup configure and use the live board comparded to other solution from other vendors like martin mdm

Greg Schwab

somewhat good but could be more like grandma onpc.

January 5, 2019

i work from home and i need the 3d view to be extremely more detailed or it could just have 3d fixture import for the NeXT update. because i use chauvet colorband pix-m and Work from Home it becomes hard. if you could do that we would then have pixel shows in 3dview


The Manual is for Version 6.29? Seriously

December 27, 2018

So I have downloaded the latest version of ShowXpress and its 8.2.28. User manual is so old it is crazy. Come on Chauvet, I spend a lot of money on fixtures and other Chauvet gear, you certainly can afford to pay someone to update your documentation.


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