ShowXpress is a software program that turns almost any computer into a lighting console. The program, which is free and is updated regularly, can be downloaded to a computer supported by Windows® 10 as well as Mac OSX. ShowXpress allows the user to create, store and play back scenes with any DMX lighting fixture. The software communicates with the lights via a required DMX 512 interface available from CHAUVET with options ranging from beginner to expert. For the latest updates and releases, visit our ShowXpress Download’s page.




  • Main

    • Controls any DMX fixture or device from any manufacturer
    • Compatible with Windows® and Mac OS X
    • Wireless scene triggering with the Live Mobile app (free download)
    • Backup and restore an unlimited number of shows
    • Controls up to 6 universes of DMX
    • Accepts external DMX and MIDI input signals
    • Support for multiple languages
  • Fixtures

    • Create new fixture profiles or select from the internal library
    • Programmed scenes travel with the fixture if DMX address is changed
    • Export DMX address list to Microsoft® Excel table
    • Create and define fixture groups using keyboard triggers
    • Pre-programmed shows based on imported fixtures
  • Steps

    • Assign fade and hold times to each step separately
    • Latch similar channels together to control them simultaneously
    • On-screen color and gobo selections for each fixture
    • Select any color using the built-in RGB color picker
    • Option to manually enter DMX values per channel
    • Copy/paste individual DMX values from one channel/fixture to another
    • Generate movement or color macros with variable delay effects
    • Creates an unlimited number of scenes
  • Generator

    • Built-in effect generator creates complex scenes in seconds
    • Compatible with different fixture makes and models
    • Adjust the scene time, curve and shift (delay) of each fixture easily
    • Save and recall custom movements to use later on
  • Pixels

    • Setup and control any pixel-mapping DMX fixture with ease
    • Create new fixture profiles or select from the internal library
    • Generate complex shows in a matter of seconds using the built-in effect generator 
    • Real-time visualizer shows what the scene will look like before saving
    • Scroll custom text across all mapped fixtures
    • Playback animated GIF images across all mapped fixtures
  • Live

    • Simultaneous playback of an unlimited number of scenes
    • Trigger multiple scenes simultaneously using the built-in macro feature
    • Use the free Live_Mobile app to trigger all scenes from a wireless device
    • Fully customizable window allows the programmer to organize the scenes in any fashion
    • Add a background color or picture to each scene for quick and easy recognition
    • Trigger scenes by mouse, keyboard, date and time, MIDI, sound or manual BPM
    • Playback timelines with lighting, audio and video with a single click
  • Timeline

    • Synchronized multimedia creator with lighting, audio and video
    • True drag-and-drop technology for all multimedia files
    • Plays multimedia file types: WAV, MP3, OGG, BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, AVI, MPG, MPEG, MOV, WMV
  • 3D View

    • See and control a complete show in real-time from any point of view
    • Create new 3D objects or select from internal library
    • Change object’s position, orientation, scale and color
    • Import custom images to use as the ceiling, floor or walls
  • Minimum Hardware Requirements (without 3D visualization)

    • Pentium 1 Ghz with 512 MB RAM under Windows® XP
    • Pentium 2 Ghz with 1 GB RAM under Windows® Vista & 7
    • Pentium 2 Ghz with 1 GB RAM under Windows® 8
    • 100 MB of hard disk space
    • 1 USB port
  • Minimum Hardware Requirements (with 3D visualization)

    • All requirements above
    • ATI Radeon™ 7000 or NVIDIA® GeForce2 (gobo viewing disabled)
    • ATI Radeon™ 9000 or NVIDIA® GeForce4 (maximum 3D rendering)


    * These requirements do not consider use of multimedia files such as audio, video, etc.


What's Included

  • ShowXpress