Setting Up Something INfectious

Posted on November 7, 2011 by webmaster

by Allan Reiss, CHAUVET® DJ Product Manager

After months of preparing, the event was finally here — time to start setting up for LDI! Our team arrived at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando and we were eager to start building the CHAUVET® Club/DJ booth. Conceptualizing and designing the booth back at headquarters took months and we were excited to see our computer renderings become a reality.

Seven men worked 13-hour days for four consecutive days to construct our masterpiece. We pieced together 132 pieces of truss to create a 28-foot tall, 400-square-foot booth. After the frame of the booth was put together, it was time to mount more than 200 fixtures. 

Just to give you an idea, here is a short list of some of the products we installed:
25 x COLORband Tri
22 x COLORrail IRC
6 x DMF-10
19 x Intimidator Spot LED 150
15 x Intimidator Wash LED 150
6 x Impulse 648
5 x LFS-5
6 x MiN Laser FX 2.0
6 x MiN Laser RGX 2.0
11 x MotionDrape LED
14 x Q-Spot260 LED
6 x RotoSphere LED
17 x SlimPAR Pro Tri
7 x TriShot LED

Once everything was securely mounted, I began programming and it took me roughly 10 hours to create a light show that ran in sync with a special mega-mix video created by DVDJ Unique. I wanted the freedom to control the fixtures from my smartphone, so I decided to use ShowXpress instead of a DMX control board.

Setting up our booth went pretty smooth. Besides being physically exhausted, we didn’t run into any challenges or glitches. Whew! A big “thank you” to my fellow product development teammates David Velez, Michael Corby, Raglan Jones and Richmond McDaniel (as well as Joel and Alex from the union) for all their hard work and making LDI 2011 a success. See you next year in Vegas!