Vivid Jack-O’-Lantern Light

Posted on September 18, 2018 by Natasha Farzad

Recently, we’ve spoken a lot about the importance of amber light in quad-LED fixtures. 4-color mixing, with amber in particular, will take your next spookyfest OR lovefest to the next level with a larger range of tones. The team at CHAUVET DJ is also fixated on BTAir for wireless control, this Halloween.

Gearing up with just a handful of products that will add wonder to our scenes as we hide behind the curtain to control lighting effects is turning out to be a beneficial bonus for fellow horror fans! That’s BTAir from any smartphone or tablet, SlimPAR T12 BT, SlimPAR Q12 BT, COLORband T3 BT, and Vivid 4. If you thought amber was upping your lighting game at weddings and shows, let’s break down the unbeatable addition of Vivid 4 video panels.

First, do not discount the ability of Vivid 4 panels to create a DJ façade. The magnetic positioning pins make overall set-up quick, tool-free, and easy to transport — as are the BTAir line of products. Feel your gig bag already getting lighter? Vivid product family is designed without the need for a media server. Now, there’s more room to carry your costume accessories. Dress up your video panels with psychedelic images or play a simple lit jack-o’-lantern glowing amidst your Amber Advantage!

Finally, add in the effects for an unstoppable lighting show that can take either the foreground or background of your next gig! Autumn is perfect for fogs and haze and, of course, any Autumn wedding will love the feel of Nimbus.