CHAUVET DJ Changes the Game During DJ Expo 2013

Posted on August 21, 2013 by webmaster

The CHAUVET DJ team built a monstrous 30-by-40 foot booth for the 2013 DJ Expo…in 24 hours. In case that challenge wasn’t enough, the team decided to change things up a bit and incorporate a different type of display, launch new products, sponsor and light the main stage, sponsor the Promo Only party and host two profit-maximizing seminars — whew!

The entire booth was constructed more than 120 sticks and accessories from the TRUSST line and featured more than 300 CHAUVET DJ products. To best showcase the fixtures, the team opted for a “show and tell” application setup. For example, a DJ façade was built using 16 COLORband PiX-M fixtures mounted to three 1-meter sticks of TRUSST; an LFS-75DMX highlighted a five-tiered wedding cake; and a TRUSST Arch Kit illuminated with Wedge Tri wash lights and decorated with greenery showcased effect lights. Also within that 24-hour time frame, the team needed to set up and program the light show on the main stage. To create a bold, flashy backdrop during live DJ sets, they used 11 sticks and accessories from the TRUSST line and more than 100 CHAUVET DJ fixtures including MotionDrape LED, Intimidator Beam LED 350, Intimidator Spot LED 450, Core 3×3, Geyser RGB, Megastrobe FX12 and BEAMbar to name a few. The fixtures within the booth and on the stage were programmed and controlled using ShowXpress.

During the show, attendees witnessed the debut of hot new fixtures perfect for any mobile application. SlimPAR Hex 3 IRC joins the popular SlimPAR series with 6-in-1 (RGBAW+UV) LED technology, while SlimPAR Quad 3 IRC adds three quad-color LEDs — both feature a sit-flat housing and remote control capability. Easily warm triangular truss systems, including the TRUSST Arch and Goal Post Kits, with the triangle-shaped, remote-controllable Wedge Tri. Intimidator Spot LED 350 is now available in a white casing to easily blend into any environment, while the remote-controllable Intimidator Spot 100 IRC allows you to easily incorporate moving heads into any setup. COREbar 4 is an all-in-one mobile wash lighting solution that provides total room coverage using chip-on-board (COB) technology and EZpar 56 joins the battery-powered EZ series with 108 RGB LEDs and a run time of up to 20 hours.

CHAUVET® DJ and TRUSST® presented two seminars filled with tips to maximize profits at any mobile gig. Ménage á TRUSST: 3 Easy Ways to Playful Profit, presented by resident DJ and CHAUVET DJ assistant manager Geoff Short, demonstrated the ease, creativity and versatility of the TRUSST® trussing system and provided tips to upsell the setup to your clients. The Ultimate Upsell: Tips to Earning the Most Profit at Any Gig, presented by Jeremy Brech, taught attendees new ways to upsell lighting packages, gobos and atmospheric effects.

See you next year!