New Found Freedom

Unleash Your Creativity and Take Your
Lighting Anywhere

Experience the Freedom of 100% TRUE wireless,
portable uplights and create unforgettable events



    Lighting adventure awaits with Freedom

    Freedom works for all of life’s biggest moments – from the first look at a wedding to the last pose of a photoshoot.


    Liberate yourself with the industry’s most popular brand of 100% wireless fixtures – Freedom.

    Experience the newly vitalized Freedom series, packed with powerful features to help you light and delight! These new found Freedoms are perfect for fuss-free setup and tear down—anytime, anywhere—so you can focus on creating the picture-perfect moment.

    Discover Your New Found Freedom

    Unleash the Power of
    Your New Found Freedom

    Small size,
    high power

    Enjoy compact fixtures with powerful output up to 90w.


    Transform fixtures from black to white with the flick of the wrist with new white cast aluminum sleeves that lock in place.

    The party’s
    greatest protector

    Rugged carrying cases for protection you can trust. Go from gig to gig quickly and safely.

    Heightened personality

    Improved color mixing includes 31 pre-programmed colors, which are compatible with your tried-and-true Freedoms. CCT (correlated color temperature) provides 5 different white options from 2700K-6000K.

    Sound sensitive

    Lead/follow upgrades to sound mode that mean sound-controlled lighting that’s perfectly in sync.

    Flexible ambiance

    Adjust the beam angles with the included magnetic diffuser filter for beams that go from narrow to wider at the snap of a finger.


    What’s new about the Freedom Series?

    With smoother kickstands, full text readout OLED and touchscreen displays, and a wide range of charging and carry case solutions, setting up and breaking down has never been easier. The new Freedom series units are the same or smaller in size and the same or increased brightness, and include improved color mixing technology for the perfect lighting performance.

    What is the battery run time?

    The Freedom fixtures have adjustable run time options of 3, 5, 8, and 12 hours. Freedom fixtures can adjust to any event’s needs without compromising brightness.

    What are my options for control?

    Freedom RF compatible with use of RFC or RFC-XL remotes (sold separately), DMX control, built-in D-fi transceiver for wireless DMX control, sound active modes, and auto programs.

    Can they be used outdoors?

    The Freedom ParH9 IP and The Freedom FlexH9 IP are both IP65-rated fixtures, perfect for outdoors or messy environments.