VIVID Tutorial a Gig Changer

Posted on February 25, 2019 by Natasha Farzad


Two words: Video Content. What is it? That’s an obvious one…Right? In terms of event planning and satisfying client needs, video content can be described in another 2 words: GIG CHANGER! 

It’s no secret that video has indeed been sweeping the special events industry. Have you been keeping up with the demand?

“Video Content” should be used to describe the visuals you hope to incorporate into your gigs, that cannot be produced through the light show itself. This, too, sounds obvious AND simple. However, incorporating said visuals may prove challenging. Sourcing video content and getting it approved for your event is the client-facing portion. Your role continues from there. How do you plan to display visuals, video, slideshows? Do you have all the equipment necessary?

Enter: CHAUVET DJ’s video panel system and driver. CHAUVET DJ Vivid 4 video panels and Vivid Drive 28N are rising stars of the video content trend. In this seven-part video series, we’ve broken down each step of the process and made it easy for your questions to be answered. Discover how easy it is to achieve VIVID event success with stunning video displays on brilliant video rigs!

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