July 2015

Pembroke Pines, Florida – A spoonful of sugar and amazing lighting are making a production of the beloved Disney musical Mary Poppins fly high. CHAUVET DJ Intimidator products are adding lighting magic to the magical show currently on stage at Pembroke Pines Theatre of the Performing Arts (PPTOPA). The theatre recently installed 4 Intimidator Spot LED 350 moving heads and four Intimidator Spot LED 150s to add to the theater’s existing lighting system in preparation for the beloved and effect-heavy musical. The company also uses CHAUVET D-Fi Hub units to be able to wirelessly control the Intimidators that are mounted high above the stage and control booth.

“Mary Poppins is a show with a ton of effects,” says the show’s Technical Director Elliott Riches. “We knew we had to add some powerful and flexible lighting to our existing rig. The Intimidators really add some visual punch and effects to help tell this story. I’ve been a fan of the Intimidators for quite a while and they really added that magic touch we needed for this show that’s full of magic! We’re looking forward to using them on our other upcoming shows too.”

Riches mounted the Intimidator Spot LED 350s overhead along the front-of-house catwalk. The powerful and versatile 350s allow Riches to add bright effects, gobos and spots to the theatre’s existing wash lighting fixtures from this position. He uses a D-Fi Hub to communicate wireless DMX control to the first Intimidator with the others in the chain connected to it via conventional DMX cables. The smaller Intimidator Spot LED 150s are mounted above the stage just behind the proscenium and are also controlled via D-Fi Hub. The 150s are perfect for shorter throws and tighter beam effects targeted to accent various action positions from directly overhead.

CHAUVET DJ Senior Product Manager, Allan Reiss is happy to see the Intimidators being used in theatrical applications. “PPTOPA is a great example of a company using our fixtures for things beyond DJ and band lighting,” says Reiss.  “These are bright, powerful and flexible fixtures that are great for performing arts applications of all sizes and budgets.  It’s great that more and more organizations are discovering that.