Redesigning event spaces all around Europe with QuickSpace

May 2022

Seminar room for 250 people in Brussels Expo. 18m x 12m QuickSpace cube, with LED colors.

Inflatable modulars seem to be the latest hit in Europe to quickly create spaces, walls, office areas for events and conferences. QuickSpace saw the need to build structures rapidly and for diverse needs, and didn’t hesitate to enter the market.

QuickSpace designs and rents out temporary spaces for events and conferences, using structures that are designed with silent airflows. This provides major advantages, such as very fast installation and disassembly, optimal acoustics, durability, and unique designs.

One thing that is essential for their structures is light. Using the correct lighting, they create a special extra dimension and transform the structures from their standard look to something fabulous. The fabric is semi-translucent, so that a light effect can be seen both inside and outside the structure.

They have opted to use CHAUVET DJ COLORband Q3BT. This is a slim LED module, with good design, light, weight and good light output and various technical options. A big factor in their decision to use CHAUVET DJ fixtures is the BTAir app. When asked the reason why, they mentioned it’s “useful in determining the right color combinations and saves a lot of time by being able to control this easily via your app.”