CHAUVET DJ’s Scorpion Storm FX RGB Laser is “Out of This World”

October 2014

SUNRISE, Fla. – Reach for the stars and turn your next party or event into an out-of-this-world experience with CHAUVET DJ’s Scorpion Storm FX RGB tri-color laser effect. This easy-to-use compact laser emits hundreds of brilliant red, green and blue beams, creating a stunning star field effect that will make audiences feel like they’re traveling through outer space.

When projected onto walls, ceilings or dance floors, the Scorpion Storm FX RGB’s multitude of beams and patterns spread out to 100°, transforming any venue into a celestial galaxy of multicolor lights. Colors change and beams move around the room via exciting built-in programs, which can easily be triggered in automated or sound-active modes.

For those who want to create their own starry cosmos, the Scorpion Storm FX RGB’s red, green and blue laser diodes can be controlled independently to achieve more customized looks, with or without DMX. In DMX mode, the fixture operates on 7 channels, and it features 3-pin XLR connectors. Or for a simple non-DMX control option, the Scorpion Storm FX RGB comes with its own infrared remote controller that gives users easy wireless command of individual colors, modes and programs.

With its ease of operation and compact size (3.8 pounds/1.7 kg), the Scorpion Storm FX RGB is ideal for DJs, bands, mobile entertainers and small clubs who want to add some instant cosmic magic to their lightshow. Variance-free and FDA-approved, the laser is ready to run right out of the box virtually anywhere.

aurora1“The Scorpion Storm FX RGB will be– literally — the star of any lightshow,” said Nick Airriess, Product Manager for CHAUVET DJ.  “It’s very dramatic and mesmerizing, filling up an entire room with tiny intense balls of light that create the look of a sky filled with colored stars.

“But for all its otherworldly effects, the Scorpion Storm FX RGB is a very down-to-earth fixture for end-users,” added Airriess. “We designed it specifically to address the real-world needs of DJs, mobile entertainers, bands and small clubs.  For example, we included an easy-to-operate IR remote so that even if you don’t want to use DMX, you can still trigger its programs, activate different modes and create your own color looks via the convenience of wireless control.”

Another convenience that end-users will appreciate is the ability to power-link multiple units of the Scorpion Storm FX RGB for larger light shows (US version only), and thereby save time running cables and extension cords. The laser features auto-ranging multi-voltage operation: 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz.  Up to 33 units can be power-linked at 120V, and up to 55 units at 230V.

The Scorpion Storm FX RGB utilizes three laser diodes as light sources:  650nm/100mW red laser diode; 532nm/40mW green laser diode; and 450nm/100mW blue laser diode.  It measures 9.1 x 7.6 x 7.5 inches (232 x 194 x 191 mm), making it easy to transport and ideal for mobile use.  For protection against damage on the road, CHAUVET DJ’s CHS-40 VIP Gear Bag is a perfect fit for the Scorpion Storm FX RGB.