CHAUVET Rocks Out with Shock and Awe

April 2011


BUFORD, Ga. – Since 2006, Keith Minor has been installing and programming lights for the local club scene in Buford, Ga., just outside of Atlanta. Minor officially opened Shock and Awe Productions in 2007 and has been lighting local bands and national acts ever since. And when Minor is setting up shows at 37 Main—A Rock Café, he uses CHAUVET® gear. Six Q-Spot™ 160-LED moving heads and two Thruster™ strobe lights are controlled by Obey™ 40 and DMX-4 Dimmer/Relay Pack.


National acts like Fuel, Great White, Marcy Playground and Tantric have all played at 37 Main.  

 Minor began writing music reviews for a local paper in his spare time away from construction jobs. Then Minor began building custom stage props for local shows which led to lighting. The driving force was simply Minor thinking to himself What would look better? After 20 plus years watching and supporting the local music scene, Minor’s goal is to make “local bands look like rock stars” as well as make rock stars look their best on local stages. All of which are “baby steps” for Minor whose goal is to design bigger tours.

“I’ve always loved live music,” Minor said. “Now I work four nights a week setting up shows and running lights. I can’t believe I get paid to do this.”

Gear list:
6 x Q-Spot™ 160-LED
2 x Thruster™
Obey™ 40
DMX-4 Dimmer/Relay Pack

Photography courtesy of Sassy Photography