Intimidator Line Grows Again

March 2009

 The Intimidator™ series of time-tested scanners and color changers, the line of choice for mobile applications and a staple in small permanent installations, grows again in 2009 with the Intimidator™ Spot 150 and the Intimidator™ Spot 250.

Both respond to DMX control but also run on automated and sound-activated programs in master/slave. Each features one 7-color wheel with the capability to produce split colors as well as a rainbow spin at variable speed and an indexed rotating gobo wheel with seven slots. The units are sold with five metal and two glass gobos. Other shared features include variable motorized shutter for strobing, variable motorized dimmer and remote fixture reset. Pan and tilt are user set, allowing for more precise coverage by adjusting the range of movement to within 180°, 360°, or 540° of pan and 90°, 180° or 270° of tilt.

Ease of use coupled with a wide variety of effects at an affordable price makes the line a worldwide favorite. And the two new entrants are no exception.

Intimidator Spot™ 150

This moving yoke fixture is powered by a HTI 150 gas discharge lamp. The smaller of the two spots, the Intimidator™ Spot 150 comes with a sharply focused 14° beam angle, perfect for long throws and high ceilings.

 Intimidator Spot™ 250

The Intimidator Spot™ 250 is powered by a MSD 250 gas discharge lamp, affording a larger and extremely bright throw with a beam angle of 22°. Added features include a 3-facet, high-speed rotating prism at variable speeds; a pan and tilt lock for safe transport; and slot-n-lock gobos and colors for customized effects.