January 2006

Generously outfitted with 40 multi-colored lenses, Kinta™ is a 600-watt DMX-controlled Derby suited for large dancing areas. It projects 80 multi-colored crisscrossing beams at controllable speeds. One DMX channel allows control of the bulbs’ rotation at different speeds. A second DMX channel controls blackout and strobe-like effects. In the absence of DMX signal, Kinta™ responds to sound with a combination of beam rotation and strobing that brings excitement and variety to the show. Several units can be linked and synchronized. The voltage is switchable between 110 V and 230 V. Kinta™ uses two 65414 (120V 300-watt) lamps and weighs approximately 5. 8 kgs. Dimensions: 381 mm x 381mm x 305 mm.

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