October 2006

With an IP-65 rating and a modular design for optimal flexibility and ease of installation, the Dv Wall HR™ is a robust LED display system for distant viewing in entertainment venues, stadiums, theme parks, billboards, as well as the rental and staging markets. Delivering 16 million colors with a pixel pitch of 31mm, it displays high-resolution graphics, animated gifs, Flash, PowerPoint, video and images to delight viewers and maximize the return on investment. It is compatible with Windows Media Player.
The system consists of ½ meter x ½ meter DV modules, each fitted with 2,304 LEDs ingeniously grouped in clusters to enhance brilliance. Each module comes with mounting hardware designed to allow multiple configurations, offering a wealth of creative flexibility. Pixel density is 256 per module or 1,024 pixels per square meter. With endurance in mind, even the mounting system and connectors were conceived to withstand rigorous weather conditions. Each module comes with signal and power linking cables with an IP-65 rating.
The system’s modular design makes it well suited for a myriad of applications, from using few individual modules for text, graphical displays and outdoor architectural touches, to massive shows for distant video viewing in open outdoor settings, mega productions and signage.
The system can operate without the pricey media servers usually required by digital video displays of its kind. You just need a standard computer with any ATI graphics card, and the CHAUVET® proprietary DVwall™ Studio PCI card and driver, which supports multiple formats (MPEG, AVI, text, etc.).
Set up is straightforward: Computer’s DVI video output to DVW-PCI card, then back out from DVW-PCI card and into a DVW-Driver, then out to the first panel. And then link panels as appropriate.
Each driver features 16 outputs and operates up to 96 modules. Daisy chaining several drivers allows the creation of bigger displays. Possible configurations are endless because modules do not need to be arranged uniformly and contiguously in horizontal or vertical blocks, as long as proper setup requirements are met. Instead, they can also be arranged diagonally or the system can be split up in separate sections around a perimeter. That way, one image can be split into different sections or the same image can be replicated in different areas of a venue.

CHAUVET® will showcase the system for the first time at this year’s LDI show booth #553.

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