A Little Mayhem Can Go a Long Way

January 2010

 Make a little pandemonium on the dance floor with CHAUVET’s newest fixture, the Mayhem™, an LED double barrel, DMX scanner that creates multicolored beams of light with six high-power 3W red, green and blue LEDs.

This unique fixture offers individual control of each color in each barrel as well as individual control of strobing, motor direction and speed. Sync up the beams to scan across the room, crisscross them or fire them one at a time. With its wide coverage angle, the Mayhem™ is the perfect light to create some movement on the dance floor by sweeping fat beams of LED light across the room.

The fixture offers 7 channels of DMX control for maximum versatility. It also comes with built-in sound-activated and automated programs that operate with or without DMX control.

To create multiple effects and make a stunning statement, power link up to 25 fixtures at 120V. This lightweight, affordable effect light is geared to the mobile DJ and club markets.