Airbound Uses TRUSST To Build Monstrous Mobile Rope Course

July 2013

TRUSSTropescourse---main BOULDER, Colo. – AirBound builds Colorado’s first and only traveling high-ropes obstacle course using 54 pieces of the TRUSST® trussing system.

Making its debut at the Boulder Creek Festival, the portable 20-by-40-by-22 foot course proved to be more than a physical challenge — it was a spectacle. So popular in fact, it generated a line that averaged 100 people for 10 hours straight over the course of the three day festival. Don Kennedy, owner of AirBound, created the course to provide a fun, interactive and physically challenging form of entertainment.

“There is a demand for rope courses and zip line structures across the country and we wanted to create a portable system,” Kennedy said. “We built it with TRUSST ®because we wanted an install that was extremely strong, as well as easy to set up and tear down — being able to secure pins and tear it down in sections really simplifies the process.”

The high-ropes course is built using the following pieces of TRUSST® truss and accessories: 19, 3-meter sticks; 17, 2-meter sticks; 8, .25-meter sticks; 4, 3-way, 90-degree corner blocks; and 6, 12-inch base plates. As a production company, Kennedy and his team scoured their inventory and utilized pieces of conical connecting truss from other major brands for this installation. He said the TRUSST® system worked seamlessly with all pieces to create a uniform structure.
Since its debut over Memorial Weekend, the course is already scheduled to appear at various conventions, company retreats, athletic challenges, festivals and colleges from California to Dubai.

Gear List
19 x 3-meter sticks (CT290-430S) 
17 x 2-meter sticks (CT290-420S) 
8 x .25-meter sticks (CT290-402S)
6 x 12-inch base plates (CT290-4112B) 
4 x 3-way, 90-degree corner blocks (CT290-4390C)