July 2007

CHAUVET® introduces the Arena Hazer™, a water-based haze solution for designers seeking a large, continuous and evenly diffused field of haze. The Arena Hazer™ features true continuous output of up to 20,000cfm. Just fill it up, turn it on and forget about it! To aid in diffusion and distribution, the Arena Hazer™ has an integral fan and an auxiliary external squirrel cage blower to adjust the speed and orientation of the haze. The system is housed in a wheeled road case that allows easy access to the control panel as well as easy refilling. Also included are DMX control capability (for output adjustment, fan speed, and blower speed), a wired remote control and 1.4-quart onboard fluid container. As is the case with every CHAUVET® product, the Arena Hazer™ is priced competitively. Its ruggedness, performance, ease of use, and “set it, forget it” reliability makes it well indicated for almost any application, especially in large scale productions, events and nightclubs. Shipping in July.

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