CHAUVET DJ Presents the Intimidator Hybrid 140SR: Spot, Beam and Wash Effects in One Powerful Package

November 2016

intimidator-hybrid-140sr-rightSunrise, Florida – Unveiled recently at the DJ Expo show in Atlantic City, the new Intimidator Hybrid 140SR – an all-in-one moving head that morphs from spot to beam to wash – offers an ideal toolkit for DJ lighting enthusiasts looking to transform any event space with powerful looks and high octane atmospherics.

22Fitted with an intense 140W discharge light engine, DJs can use this true hybrid fixture to create dynamic beam effects with dual overlapping independently controlled prisms. Thanks to the motorized zoom in beam, spot and wash modes, DJs are able to have ultimate light control at their fingertips at all times.

While the Intimidator’s dual gobo wheels are ideal for gobo morphing and creating amazing mid-air projections; advanced glass optics also ensures that the motorized focus emits crisp projections at almost any distance.

1allThanks to the fixture’s vast array of modes and features, the Intimidator is also perfectly suited for any kind of application, from DJ parties to small to mid size club installs and permanent installations in bars and event spaces.

Control is made incredibly easy with the full-color display, IRC-6 compatibility, totem mode and on-board memory for storing a scene. Power linking saves time and running cables. For maximum practicality for transportation, the lightweight fixture can be carried in the CHS-50 VIP Gear Bag.

dj-showroom-2016“With its spot, beam and wash modes, the Intimidator 140SR offers three incredible lighting tools in one practical package,” said CHAUVET DJ Senior Product Manager Allan Reiss. “Thanks to its rugged build quality, the fixture is able to provide powerful and dynamic looks for all manner of events and purposes. We look forward to hearing about the wide scope of projects the fixture has been incorporated in!”