CHAUVET DJ To Launch Exciting New Products At Prolight + Sound 2

March 2015

FRANKFURT, GERMANY – CHAUVET DJ will showcase the latest lighting fixtures and accessories designed for musicians and mobile entertainers in a TRUSST-built booth at next month’s Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt, Germany. A host of game-changing products, including new additions to the popular Intimidator series of moving heads, hex technology fixtures and battery-powered wireless lights, will make their European debut at the show. Visitors will have the opportunity to get a hands-on introduction to these innovations and more at the CHAUVET DJ booth in Hall 11.0, Stand D30.

The Intimidator Wave 360 IRC is a stunning moving light array with 4 independently controlled heads on a single rotating base. Its narrow, razor-sharp beams of RGBW light create astonishing aerial effects, and continuous pan rotation and 4 tilting heads create unique and amazing effects unlike any other light. The Intimidator Wave 360 IRC has an easy to use full colour menu interface, making manual operation simple and quick. Convenience features include wireless non-DMX control with the optional IRC-6 remote and the ability to power link multiple units together to save time running cables. The Intimidator Wave 360 IRC’s adjustable pan and tilt ranges put light where you want it, and the Master/Slave mode makes it easy to generate coordinated light shows. Built-in movement macros and colour programs create complex looks easily.

The Intimidator Spot 255 IRC is a feature-packed moving head spot fitted with a 60W LED to enhance any event or installation. Some of the most exciting features of this powerful new fixture are 3 new operating modes never before seen. “Totem Mode” allows users to limit the pan and tilt parameters to keep the light effects forward focused on the dance floor.  “Manual Mode” allows the user to create a custom look and have it stored to recall whenever the light is turned on.  “Delay Mode” is an advanced Master/Slave mode that allows users to operate up to 4 fixtures in Master/Slave mode, but will randomly create and add synchronised movement variations, making it appear as though complex light shows have been created. The Intimidator Spot 255 IRC’s full colour LCD menu screen and full text readout make it easy to navigate. Time saving features include built-in effect macros and move-in-black capabilities, as well as the ability to power link multiple units together to save time running cables. Project the light where you want it with user-selectable pan and tilt ranges, and achieve super smooth LED fading with the built-in electronic dimmer. The Intimidator Spot 255 IRC allows you to split the beam and cover a larger area with the 3-facet prism, and its easy-access gobo door allows you to quickly and easily change gobos. Create continuous shows with individual reset of pan/tilt, colour, gobo and prism. Convenience is always at hand with the Intimidator Spot 255 IRC with sound activated programs and wireless non-DMX control with the optional IRC-6 remote. 

The 6Spot Quad IRC is an all-in-one fixture consisting of six movable heads on a single bar containing high-powered quad-colour (RGBW) LEDs. The six movable heads make pin-spotting multiple locations or achieving total room or stage coverage easy. The 6Spot Quad IRC’s unique slip-over design that fits most tripod stands and the included L-brackets and clamping locations make mounting possibilities limitless. Pre-programmed light shows can be accessed wirelessly using the optional IRC-6 remote. The included carry bag makes set up and tear down easy.

The newest addition to CHAUVET DJ’s EZ line of battery-powered, wireless fixtures is the EZWash Hex IRC. Created in the image of its predecessor, the wildly popular EZPin IRC, the EZWash Hex IRC is a compact wash fixture using 6-in-1 (RGBAW+UV) technology, creating literally trillions of colours. Battery powered means no cables to deal with, making set up and tear down fast and easy.  Control is simple and easy using the optional IRC-6 remote control. 9 preset colours custom mixed for the EZWash HEX utilise the HEX LED to its fullest. The IRC-6 remote also allows custom colour mixing and access to pre-programmed automated and sound activated shows. The EZWash HEX’s white housing is perfect for elegant events such as weddings and art shows. Like the EZPin IRC, the EZWash Hex IRC features a magnetic mounting plate and included scissor clip base, offering the fastest set up and tear down of any wash light on the market. The EZWash Hex IRC is also available in the EZWash Hex Pack, a case that includes 6 fixtures, charging unit and IRC-6 remote control.

Fitted with 3W LEDs to punch through nearly any ambient lighting, the Mini Kinta IRC fills the room with sharp beams and features more output and broader coverage than derby effects twice its size. Simple wireless, non-DMX control from the optional IRC-6 allows you to create the perfect looks without having to be a programming genius. Floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall coverage is effortless with red, green, blue and white effects. Let the built-in programs do the work or use DMX to program your own light show.

The new JAM Pack Gold and JAM Pack Silver are bundle packs of fixtures and effects providing convenient ways to add multiple units to your lighting inventory. The JAM Pack Gold is the perfect combination of four party-ready products that are ready to use right out of the box. JAM Pack Gold includes a Derby, Laser, fog machine, and a UV wash/strobe combo light. The JAM Pack Gold also features easy wireless control of colour, auto and sound mode from the included IRC-6 remote. The JAM Pack Silver is a convenient package of 3 effect lights – a Moonflower, 3-colour wash effect light and combo UV wash/strobe. The JAM Pack Silver also features easy wireless control of colour, auto and sound mode from the included IRC-6 remote.

A selection of CHAUVET DJ’s most popular fixtures and recent product releases will also be on display at Prolight + Sound. Highlights include the SlimBEAM Quad IRC, a wall accent and effect light all in one; the COLORband Hex 9 IRC, an extraordinary wash light, capable of producing virtually any colour imaginable; and the wirelessly controllable professional confetti launcher, Funfetti Shot, ideal for weddings, parties, celebrations and special events of all types.