CHAUVET DJ To Launch Nearly 30 Products at NAMM 2013

December 2012

SUNRISE, Fla. – CHAUVET® DJ will introduce nearly 30 new products and showcase the latest fixtures designed for musicians and mobile entertainers at booth 5574 during The NAMM Show 2013 held January 24 – 27 in Anaheim, Calif.

To best showcase the latest gear, the 60-by-30 foot Chauvet booth will be constructed using nearly 300 pieces of TRUSST® — the versatile, easy-to-use trussing system backed by Chauvet. In addition to the launch of the new CHAUVET® DJ CORE™ series of high-impact fixtures, new additions are set to join the CHAUVET® DJ Intimidator™ series of powerful moving heads and scanners, the CHAUVET® DJ Freedom™ series of wireless, battery-operated fixtures and the CHAUVET® DJ SlimPAR™ series of low-profile wash lights. Headliners such as CHAUVET® DJ Intimidator™ Beam LED 350, CHAUVET® DJ Geyser™ RGB, CHAUVET® DJ Scorpion™ Burst GB, CHAUVET® DJ MegaStrobe™ FX12 and the CHAUVET® DJ SlimPAR™ Quad IRC  series will also be on display.

Designed for stunning aerial effects, Intimidator™ Beam LED 350 uses a 75-watt LED to project a tight, concentrated beam, while a motorized frost filter converts the beam into a wash light. The versatile, feature-packed moving head features a fixed gobo wheel with animations and a three-sided prism to easily generate complex looks and cover larger areas.

Geyser™ RGB makes a bold statement and enhances any gig as it generates an illuminated CO2 cannon and pyrotechnic-like effect. It is an effect light and fogger in one unit that blasts a vertical stream of safe, water-based fog while simultaneously illuminating it with 21 high-power, 3-watt RGB LEDs. Or for a different type of effect, Scorpion™ Burst GB merges the visual appeal of a scanning graphics laser and the room-filling coverage of a burst-style laser into one product. Blue and green lasers project up to 24 integrated graphic effects, while a burst filter replicates the effect and projects it around the room.

For bright strobe effects, MegaStrobe™ FX12 is a high-power strobe light powered by 12, 3-watt white LEDs and six sections of control. In addition to a strobe light, it also projects mesmerizing eye-candy effects and functions as a wide area wash.

For vibrant, saturated washes at any gig, the SlimPAR™ Quad IRC series features two low-profile, high-power LED Par fixtures designed for any mobile application. SlimPAR Quad™ 12 IRC is fitted with 12 quad-color (RGBA) LEDs and SlimPAR™ Quad 6 IRC is fitted with 6 quad-color (RGBA LEDs) making these perfect front lights by eliminating multicolored shadows and providing a smooth, even output. The addition of the infrared remote control (IRC) allows simple operation and eliminates the hassle of programming.