CHAUVET® returns as King of the Road

July 2007

The CHAUVET® interstate tour is over, for now, but the excitement and knowledge it produced is just starting to surface. In April, CHAUVET® hit the road across the United States in an effort to educate dealers, end-users, and designers on new products. LED technology, different lamp applications, and DMX were the hot topics of the seminar. The events featured a wealth of information, which focused on education and application, about CHAUVET® products and lighting in general. In addition to seminars led by CHAUVET® staff members, the events featured round table discussions and prize giveaways, with no one leaving empty handed.
CHAUVET’s focus on community and a “grass-roots” campaign was a success, with attendees responding that the event was “helpful”, “informative”, and “awesome.” CHAUVET’s Barry Abrams said that “initially we were worried about having dealers and end-users together”, but it turned out to be a “bonding and networking success for all involved, with people bouncing ideas off of one another.” The camaraderie was outstanding, with attendees learning almost as much from working with one another as they did from CHAUVET® representatives. CHAUVET’s Allan Reiss explained, “The dynamic produced by integrating ideas from dealers, end-users, and lighting designers gave everyone the opportunity to see things from different perspectives, and opened up new avenues of communication between groups that are often sharply divided.” 

Learning wasn’t limited to attendees of the seminars either, with CHAUVET® employees also gaining knowledge and experience from the events. In response to the excellent turn-out for the first round of training, more is planned on the horizon, and CHAUVET® has implemented a complete training program, with an emphasis toward staying in touch with the community from their original tour, as well as reaching out to a larger audience. “Overall, we felt we had great responses to our events,” said Mr. Abrams, and “we plan to do some exciting new things in the future.” 

If you missed the first round of CHAUVET’s personal training, check their CHAUVET® website for information on what the future holds, “as everyone who attended left with something” and you don’t want to be left out again.

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