COLORtube 3.0 EQ Makes Music Look Good

December 2009


The COLORtube™ 3.0 EQ is an LED linear chase effect, static color effect and a real-time music visualizer all in one easy-to-operate fixture.

The EQ mode allows the audience to view music through color, similar to the display on a graphic equalizer. The fixture automatically determines the number of tubes connected in the EQ mode and assigns one frequency to each tube.  The automatic counting feature also functions in chase and static modes.

With the optional CT3EQ Controller, the user can select up to 36 different color combinations. Without the controller, 15 color combinations are available via on-board dipswitches.

The linear effect mode, in which colors chase from tube to tube, has 36 user-selectable variable speed automated programs, which are accessible with or without the optional controller.

The static mode features seven colors – red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yellow and white – plus blackout.

Sold individually, the COLORtube™ 3.0 EQ is powered by 144 red, green and blue LEDs contained in a frosted, UV-coated plastic tube that measures 39.2 inches long and 2.9 inches wide. It comes with two rail-mounted, sliding brackets for surface mounting to a ceiling or wall or to truss with additional clamps. Units are also conveniently marked on the back with center and balance points to make mounting fast and easy.

Other features include power linking for up to 31 units at 120V.  And the autoswitching power supply allows the fixture to adapt to the voltage provided, ranging from 100V to 240V, making the fixture usable worldwide.

The CT3EQ Controller is specifically made and recommended for use with the COLORtube™ 3.0 EQ for maximum programming options including DMX triggering.