Double Derby X with LED Technology Debuts at NAMM

February 2009

 The Double Derby™ X may look like a classic derby effect with rotating, crisscrossing multicolored beams. But this DJ mainstay has been transformed into a modern icon of LED technology.
With just three high-powered 3-watt LEDs, this workhorse provides DJs with preprogrammed shows using the crisp red, green and blue beams in different combinations: green/blue, red/blue, and red/green/blue, with an astounding 132-degree wide floor coverage, enough to blanket an entire room.
Strobing is built in to the automated program. Blackout is controllable using a DMX controller.
Thanks to LED technology, the Double Derby™ X is light weight — just 6 pounds. That’s also due in part to its lightweight case. Its size is just 11 inches X 11.7 inches X 10 inches.
As with most LED-fitted lights, the Double Derby™ X is ideal in settings where heat must be avoided and where energy consumption must be minimized. And because of the low heat, there are no duty cycles.
The Double Derby™ X provides the ultimate level of versatility and can be used virtually anywhere due to its acceptance of a wide range of voltages, from 100-240V. The autosensing feature automatically triggers the unit’s adjustment to the voltage supplied.
Add more effects to the show by linking with the other X products, which share the X-Bracket, in a master/slave configuration. Mount multiple units on top for an amazing array. Since each unit draws just 24 watts, up to 37 fixtures can be daisy chained at 120 volts.
With the new Double Derby™ X, CHAUVET preserved all the classic effects of the traditional derby while boosting the value and productivity of this popular luminaire.