Hurricane Haze

June 2009

 The 2-channel DMX-512 Hurricane™ Haze is always ready to go thanks to an upgraded heater that provides continuous output. With 12,000cfm output, it is perfect for small to medium venues.

Both haze and fan output can be controlled by the wired remote, which is included, or via the control panel on the back of the unit. In DMX mode, one channel regulates the haze output while the other controls the fan speed.

The tank holds up to 3.3 liters of water-based fluid. The low-fluid indicator and auto shutdown feature minimizes time spent monitoring the unit. The unit will automatically shut off should the fluid get too low, protecting the pump and other components from serious damage.

Power: 60 Hz or 50 Hz; Dimensions: 284mm X 294mm X 360mm