LED Pinspot 2: A Classic Revolutionized

December 2009

 The new, plug-in-and-go LED Pinspot 2 includes two front focal lens options to produce hard-edge beams for a variety of applications.

Equally suited for downlighting or uplighting, it comes with an adjustable hanging bracket for temporary or permanent mounting. The LED Pinspot 2 can be mounted on a truss to fill in the dark spots in tight spaces or between fixtures; and there is nothing like it for getting the most out of a mirror ball.

The LED Pinspot 2 is extremely lightweight, at less than one pound, and is powered by a 3W white LED that can provide approximately 50,000 hours of maintenance-free use. Its small size is comparable to a regular flashlight’s.

 The installed lens produces a long and very tight and white beam. The second lens offers a slightly wider beam and less coverage, making it a great fill-in fixture. The autoswitching power supply allows the fixture to adapt to the voltage provided, ranging from 100V to 240V.

The low price and versatility it provides make it a fixture you can’t afford to go without.