January 2006

The newly unveiled Fatbeam™ Technology by CHAUVET® makes it now possible to operate high-powered lasers without a special variance from the FDA.

CHAUVET® has incorporated the technology in three of its newly launched Scorpion lasers, Scorpion™ LGX, Scorpion™ Scan and Scorpion™ RG-55. All three are equipped with powerful 10mW diodes, yet are ready to operate right out of the box. Usually, only lasers up to 4.95mW qualify for operation without a waiver. This is great news for anyone who has faced the disappointment of barely visible laser beams or has been deterred by the cost of high-powered lasers and the paperwork involved to legally operate them.

The Key: Larger, Brighter Beams
Fatbeam™ Technology produces a wider beam, with a diameter ranging from 10 to 14mm, as compared to the 2-3 mm average diameter of other lasers. The beam is larger than the maximum 7mm aperture of the human eye. This causes the eye to absorb only part of the light at any one time and never more than what is deemed safe by the FDA. That’s why no special permit is required and you don’t need to file any extra paperwork.
This breakthrough should have a profound effect on laser shows. It is hard to imagine a DJ, club installer or lighting designer who wouldn’t be seduced by the instant availability of these high-impact lasers.
On top of making life easier, Fatbeam™ Technology encompasses a novel design of the laser diodes to correct the divergence created by the wide expansion of beams. The net gain is a dramatic increase in perceived brightness, up to 10 times that of standard lasers. The wider, more visible beams of the new Fatbeam™ Scorpions literally dwarf other shows in terms of intensity and impact.

Scorpions: Built to Dazzle, Priced to Thrill
CHAUVET® spared no effort to cement its stature as a trailblazer with this new series. Everything about these lasers is bold, from design to engineering. The Scorpion™ RG-55 10mW red and green laser and the Scorpion™ Scan 10mW green laser are presented in hard-to-miss, iridescent metallic red casings. Each of these DMX-controlled lasers performs over 500 laser effects achieved by manipulating the shape of beams, the size of over 200 patterns and the speed of movements. Scorpion™ LGX is a highly portable, 10mW, linkable green laser with wireless remote control. It operates in sound active, automatic or master/slave mode and features 80 pre-set patterns. The three Scorpions conform to FDA and IEC standards for class IIIR lasers.
Now, anyone can safely enjoy the power of 10mW diodes, the ease of operation and the convenience of out-of-the-box, high-efficiency laser shows. All three Scorpions are priced within the range of affordable 4.95mW lasers.
Surely, laser lighting will never be the same.

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