NEW FROM THE COLORdash Series: COLORsplash Intelligent L.E.D C

January 2006

COLORsplash™ is a 7-channel, linkable DMX-512 can fixture fitted with 196 bright red, green and blue light emitting diodes that produce a high-output, richly colored wash suited for architectural, ambience-setting and entertainment applications. The diodes are distributed in seven individually controlled, concentric circles and they can produce a wide spectrum of colors via RGB mixing. COLORsplash™ features seven static colors, a color change program with 10 selectable speeds, 5-color pattern chase programs with adjustable speed and sound-active mode via the LED-BOSS optional controller. The lifespan of the diodes (85 red, 51 green, 60 blue) is estimated at up to 100,000 hours. Power is switchable, 115V/230V or 230V. Each unit weighs approximately 1.8 kgs and measures 152.4 mm x 203.2mm x 190.5 mm.

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