New Product Launch for Club and DJ Markets

July 2009

 This summer CHAUVET® launched a number of new and exciting products for the Club and DJ markets:

 Effect lights – The Abyss™ LED simulated rippling water effect, with an adjustable "rippling" speed; the BOB™ LED simulated flame created by 54 orange and 12 blue LEDs; the Mega Moon™, a six-channel DMX LED razor-sharp beam effect; the 4-channel Swarm™’s LED effect, producing hundreds of beams in seven programmable colors; and the impossible to miss O-Beast™ LED derby with beams four times wider than average.



 Wash — The DIAMONDstrip™  and DIAMONDstrip™ Mini , all white LED  linear wash lights; the COLORstrip™ Mini, a versatile LED-fitted linear wash light that can be used alone or daisy chained for runway effects; and the LED Rain™ 38T, a seven-channel DMX narrow beamwash light fitted with 75 red, green and blue LEDs.

  Lasers — The Eclipse™ red and green ambience-setting laser; the Scorpion™ Storm FX, the ultra compact Scorpion™ Storm RGX lasers and the even smaller Scorpion™ Storm MG, creating unique star field effects

 Scanner — The Intimidator™ Scan LED, a five-channel DMX scanner fitted with an impressive high power 22W LED and a color wheel offering 11 colors plus white and a rainbow color spin effect.

Many of the products will be on display at the upcoming DJ Expo in Atlantic City, N.J.  Booth # 610