Q-Spot 575: Affordable Power and Performance

July 2006

With striking colors, motorized focus, vector movement, full range dimming, a wide beam angle, 16-bit resolution, and a high speed rotating prism, the Q-Spot™ 575 lends itself to a vast array of touring, production and club applications. It is part of the newly launched Q-Series, aimed at capturing a bigger share of the entertainment lighting market with feature-packed, aggressively priced luminaires.

The 16-channel unit comes equipped with an intense 575-watt HMI lamp with a life expectancy of up to 1,000 hours. The head moves smoothly within a range of 540 degrees of pan and 270 degrees of tilt. The color wheel offers 8 solid dichroic colors, 1 split color and 1 quad color plus white and effectuates rainbow spins bi-directionally. There are two gobo wheels: a 9-slot static wheel and a 6-slot indexed rotating wheel. Both rotate bi-directionally at variable speed. Multiple gobos can be morphed to produce a myriad of scenic effects. Q-Spot™ 575 comes already fitted with 15 gobos, including 3 glass. CHAUVET® includes another 5 spare gobos, including one glass, bringing the total of free gobos to 20. A mechanical shutter allows from full open to blackout as well as variable strobe. Beam angle is 21 degrees. The unit’s lamp can be turned on and off remotely from a console. Other features include automatic pan/tilt correction, micro-stepping motors, a practical LED-lit display, automated programs, and remote reset. Q-Spot 575 uses power sources of 100 V, 115 V, 200 V, 230 V-50/60Hz.

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