The 4BAR is a DJs Best Friend

January 2009

 The LED-fitted 4BAR™ is a pack-and-go must have for musicians, bands and other performers who want a compact, energy-saving and high performing wash light system.

The system consists of four ultra thin wash lights, a three-pedal foot switch, adjustable tripod, packing bag and hard-sided transport case.

 Each of the four low-profile lights comes fitted with 108 red, green and blue 10mm LEDs in a stylish and slim square casing that is just 8.2-inches per side and less than 2-inches thick, and can be positioned independently. 

The system allows for individual RGB control of the lights and offers built-in automated and sound activated programs accessible via 15 channels of DMX control.  Performers will also appreciate the convenience of hand-free control via the three-pedal foot switch, which triggers static colors or automated programs including RGB fades, blackout and sound-active modes.

The tripod adjusts from 56 inches to 91 inches.

Autoswitching allows the 4BAR™ to be plugged into a range of voltages, from 100V to 240V. And due to LED technology, it consumes little power and produces an intense show while emitting little to no heat.