The Legend Grows: NEW LEGEND 550

October 2009

 The Legend™ 550 Spot moving yoke combines a powerful Philips MSI 575-watt high intensity discharge lamp with precision optics to deliver excellent output without sacrifice to hard focusing.

This dependable fixture moves smoothly and quietly and features outstanding gobos and colors. Ideally suited for use at corporate events, small to mid-sized productions and nightclubs, it responds to 12 or 18 channels of DMX control and can operate in sound-activated mode. A beam angle of 17° and lux output of 17,527 at 2m promise a very bright performance.

The Legend™ 550 Spot houses two independently controlled color wheels, one with saturated colors and the other with pastels, color correction and frost, which produces a soft edge similar to a wash. Both color wheels offer step/split color possibilities and rainbow color spin at variable speeds.

There are two gobo wheels: a fixed gobo wheel includes nine replaceable, steel gobos and one indexed; a rotating gobo wheel, with gobo shake and the capability to spin at variable speeds, comes fitted with seven glass interchangeable slot-n-lock gobos.

Variable focus allows for a hard edge beam that produces from a flat field to a defocused background and morphing effects. A variable double bladed shutter, variable iris and dimmer, along with move-in-black features give the operator great latitude to program seamless shows.

The Legend™ 550 Spot moves precisely within a range of 540° of pan and 270° of tilt. Additional features include automatic pan and tilt correction. A convenient FasTap panel on the base of the fixture greatly eases access when voltage changes are needed. It will accommodate either 3-pin or 5-pin data connectors.