Thou Shall OBEY

August 2008

The newly launched Obey™ Series of Controllers by CHAUVET® seeks to simplify programming of your DMX fixtures. Designed with the mobile DJ and small to mid-size club in mind, the first two offerings in the series, the Obey™ 10 and the Obey™ 40, build off the success of previous rack mountable controllers.

Obey™ 10 is a compact unit ready to handle all the complexities of today’s lighting fixtures. Capable of controlling up to 8, 16-channel fixtures, the Obey™ 10 can store 6 sets of chases containing up to 999 scenes each. Flexibility was key in the design of the unit so CHAUVET® included the ability to reverse sliders and re-assign channels as needed. Also offered is the ability to grab any fixture on the fly, and set up your fixtures’ movements to be beat activated or run automatically without input from the operator. Speed and fade times can also be programmed into each step.

The Obey™ 40 is the next step up from the Obey™ 10, allowing for control of up to 12 fixtures at 16 channels each. With a slightly larger size comes a larger capacity: the Obey™ 40 has 30 banks on 8 scenes, or up to 240 scenes. The Obey™ 40 offers the flexibility of its little brother but also adds fog and strobe control and MIDI compatibility.

The Obey™ Series looks to be CHAUVET’s flagship rack-mount controller series and will be growing in size and features in the near future. It’s not enough for you lights to listen to your commands; you want them to Obey™!

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