CHAUVET DJ Freedom Par Quad-4 Helps Elizabeth Coco Meet Tight Deadlines For Emily’s List Gala

May 2019

WASHINGTON, DC – Designer Elizabeth Coco was looking forward to lighting the “We Are Emily Conference and Gala” for Emily’s List on April 4. Held at the Marriott Marquis, just blocks from the White House, the event reaffirmed the accomplishment of women in politics and focused on important issues of the day. An impressive array of some of the most important women in government was on hand for the gala, including five US Congresswomen, two Senators and a host of mayors, attorney generals and other prominent figures.

As excited as Coco and her team from Atmosphere, Inc. were to light We Are Emily, however, they didn’t have much time to execute the event. Various factors combined to create a very short setup time. Load-in had to take place overnight, and setup needed to be completed by noon the next day. Helping Coco and her crew meet this tight schedule, while still creating stunning looks for the event, was a collection of 72 CHAUVET DJ Freedom Par Quad-4 fixtures.

“Looking back, I would say the Freedom Pars were a lifesaver given our turnaround time,” said Coco. “We set them up all around the room. Being able to get this level of coverage without having to cable all those fixtures was critical to us getting the job done on time.”

The long battery life of the RGBA fixtures also played a key role in helping Coco complete setup successfully. “Their battery life allowed me to set them up where I wanted, then program all day and still run a four-hour event,” she said. “We controlled them remotely with no issues.”

Accounting for almost half the fixtures in Coco’s rig, the Freedom Par fixtures were positioned across the venue, uplighting the area behind the stage as well as the side walls. Warm inviting colors from the Freedom Par units created a sense of intimacy and camaraderie in the large ballroom.

During speeches when most of the overhead lights were dimmed, the Freedom Pars helped make the area behind the stage and around the large IMAG video walls stand out, adding impact to the proceedings.

At other times, during dramatic moments of the gala when other lights were turned up, the Freedom Pars “held their own” against the high-output fixtures. “Vivid and bold colors were essential to reflecting the spirit of the gala, and the Freedom Pars certainly made a big contribution in this regard,” said Coco. “Plus they really made our lives easier.”