Chauvet Sponsors Holy Ghost -N- Da Hood To Benefit At-Risk Youth

May 2013

MIAMI, Fla. – On June 15, the non-profit organization S.H.E.A.R., Inc., Sharing Hope Empowerment and Reaction, partners with the Miami Rescue Mission to host the Holy Ghost -N- Da Hood gospel concert to benefit at-risk youth. CHAUVET® DJ and TRUSST® are lending a helping hand by sponsoring the event and setting up 26 fixtures and 24 pieces of truss to light the stage which features performances by renowned gospel artists including Malcolm Hawkins, Mark Samuel and Scum of the Earth.

To create a prominent focal point on stage, a TRUSST®-built cross illuminated with four SlimPAR™ Quad 6 IRC wash lights and crafted from one 2.5-meter and three 1-meter sticks of truss, one 6-way corner block and one 30-inch base plate will serve as the backdrop. To add dimension, six Intimidator™ Spot LED 350 moving heads mounted atop two 1-meter, two 1.5-meter and two 2-meter sticks of TRUSST® warmed with six SlimPAR™ Quad 6 IRC wash lights are incorporated into the design. Two 4BAR Tri wash lights add front lighting to performers, while two Geyser™ RGB fixtures, two Impulse™ 648 strobe lights and a Nimbus™ dry-ice machine create impressive, eye-catching effects. Two Hurricane™ Haze 2D haze machines placed in the rear of the stage enhance beams and tie the light show together.

Hosted by DJ Preacher of 1490 AM, J Blaze of La Nueva 88.3 FM and Ladi Ace of FLEXX FM, the first annual Holy Ghost -N- Da Hood event includes live performances as well as seminars to combat serious issues including peer pressure, bullying, drugs and homelessness among youth and young adults. Designed to provide a fun, family-friendly environment, the fundraising event will raise money for at-risk youth to attend summer programs held at the Miami Rescue Mission.

“I am ecstatic to bring this event to the South Florida Community,” said Anthony Durden, president of S.H.E.A.R., Inc. “Through gospel music and informative seminars, S.H.E.A.R., Inc. is going to positively impact youth and young adults looking for radical life changes. I am so grateful for the sponsors, artists and community members who are teaming together to make this event possible.”

S.H.E.A.R., Inc., founded in 2001, is comprised of 10 volunteers who provide community services, experiences and fellowship opportunities while giving hope to people through empowerment, education and mentoring. Volunteers visit nursing homes, children’s hospitals and jails throughout South Florida to bring hope to members of the community and sending donations to Haiti and Nairobi, Kenya. Anthony Durden, a member of the CHAUVET® team for seven years, serves as president of S.H.E.A.R., Inc. As president, he prefers to be hands-on through ministering and networking with local businesses, city officials, private donors and collaborating with media outlets, including CBS WFOR’s Neighbors 4 Neighbors, to bring support and awareness to his organization.