New CHAUVET DJ Gear Delights LDI Attendees

October 2012

SUNRISE, Fla. –Chauvet, a leading manufacturer of LED lighting, introduced new and soon-to-be-released products during LDI 2012. All four Chauvet brands were shown including CHAUVET® DJ, CHAUVET® Professional, TRUSST® and Iluminarc®.  During the show, CHAUVET®  DJ showcased TRUSST® — a trussing system built with the highest standards of safety — and introduced new and soon-to-be-released gear designed for mobile performers and club installations.

To best showcase the new line of TRUSST® and the latest gear, the CHAUVET® DJ booth was constructed using 122 pieces of TRUSST®. CHAUVET® DJ Intimidator™ Beam LED 350 joined the Intimidator™ series with a concentrated, 4-degree beam to project aerial and long-throw effects. CHAUVET® DJ Freedom™ Par Quad-5 and CHAUVET® DJ Freedom™ Strip Mini Quad-5 joined the wireless Freedom™ series with 25-watts of quad-color LEDs. Additionally, CHAUVET® DJ Scorpion™ 3D RGB and CHAUVET® DJ Scorpion™ Burst GB joined the Scorpion™ series of lasers with new effects to enhance any show. For the ultimate in atmospheric effects, CHAUVET® DJ Nimbus™ and CHAUVET® DJ Geyser™ RGB proved to be showstoppers.

Attendees crowded in the CHAUVET® DJ booth to see Intimidator™ Beam LED 350 in action. Fitted with a 75-watt LED, it projects a tight, concentrated beam, while a motorized frost filter converts the beam into a wash light. The feature-packed moving head features a fixed gobo wheel, animations and three-sided prism to easily generate complex looks and cover larger areas.

Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, Freedom™ Quad-5 series includes both a PAR-style uplight and strip light fitted with 25-watts of quad-color (RGBA) LEDs. Both fixtures include the proven D-Fi™ 2.4 GHz wireless DMX system and are fully linkable with CHAUVET® DJ COLORstrip™ and the Freedom™ series.

An innovative 3D laser, Scorpion™ 3D RGB features red, green and blue laser diodes that mix together to project never-before-seen animated 3D patterns. Scorpion™ Burst GB features high-speed motors that generate up to 24 different effects that scan and burst to enhance any gig.

Nimbus™ and Geyser™ RGB proved to be two of the most popular fixtures at this year’s show. Crowds flocked to the booth as Nimbus™ flooded the show floor with thick, low-lying clouds. To increase mobility, CHAUVET® DJ introduced the Nimbus™ Cart which allows you to easily relocate Nimbus™ during your event. Geyser™ RGB made a bold statement as it generated an illuminated CO2 cannon type of effect. It is an effect light and fogger in one unit that blasts a vertical stream of safe, water-based fog while simultaneously illuminating it with 21 high-power, three-watt RGB LEDs.